Such good quality yeah please leave that in Hey guys.

So we can our last day in we never even saw you st. Ellis Angliss mark. So yeah we are pretty much just packing up our tents now, and then we got a trouble it’s only 230 miles which is maybe 500 kilometers that’s pretty much as much traveling as the first day we need to pack up our tents now yes, and today it’s kind of blue skies I think this is blue skies for Alaska anyway we had sunshine no joke for 30 seconds like it’s gone, and then run away there we’ve just stopped at like a local IgA we’re still in st. Elias ha no no have you ever left it now oh okay somewhere where somewhere I’ve no idea what happens is there’s like three groups, and we each rotate on dinner. So that we can mix up the dinners, and it all gets it cool. So the guides just not cooking every night our group is cooking tonight we’re doing like a chili con carne to the shop now is filling up the car now as you can see, and we are about to have lunch in a car park. So here’s America, and then right up there he’s eleska way they right now, and then to the right of that is Canada, and there’s kind of done it’s me right up there, and then I think Russia’s running a pretty cool.


So this is all the room that just has comfy no legroom holding the laptop bag. So we just got onto the Denali Highway where we gonna be going down, and a bit chilly now beautiful view this here is the big mountain ranges along the highway, and it is nice it looks like a cruise arm tour is here as well I think we have to drag down denali highway for another two hours ish until we get to our campgrounds I think, and then we’re staying the night there, and we get hot showers tonight do we think. So, and we wouldn’t want to be kind, and it is kind of the place you would find it for me we just mounted abandoned caravan ability inside alright guys we’re gonna go hiking now we have arrived at our camp we’ve arrived at our camp we gonna get hiking good hockey world professional high huh I’ve never seen a landscape like this before it kind of reminds me I’ve never really seen photos of Alaska posting photos of Iceland, and reminds me from Iceland even though I’ve never been before faraway mountains going we’re on the look for the abominable snowman hello we’re at a place called McLaren River, and it’s good. Because there is lodging just there we’re not staying at the lodging. But there’s hot showers yeah we got a shower it’s a nice close up you look comfy yeah it’s a little bedroom it’s a little a little bored we’ve just picked us out I mean we just put up at 10:00 with blue skies and, I’m gonna go have a shower this is our Savior that looks good why you guys making for dinner. So Christopher is showing Kristoff how to do some fly fishing are you gonna go, I’m too cold I think it’s really cold. Because if you see out there there’s all things like mountains with all these glaciers on it’s freezing out here River is glacier-fed oh sure.

So it’s freezing. So guys have gone canoeing, and it was so cold like we just stayed by the phone had hot chocolate. So pretty tonight there there’s a nice sunset, and it’s all blue skies, I’m so glad cuz it’s been. So wet summers let me kiss you baby play how cold we dive the river, and it’s about two degrees three degrees Celsius it’s pretty chilly all right guys rough to bed now tomorrow we’re heading to Denali National Park, and we’re gonna spend three nights there exploring the area and, I’m not too sure we’ve got to do something I guess we’ll find out. But um good night guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye something on your face bye guys we’ve woken up oh, I’m so cold. But the Northern Lights are showing, and they’re so cool.

So incredible oh just defrosting it is so cold out there we were out they forgot an hour, and a half reading the Northern Lights I cannot believe we got to see them I never thought like I was kind of hoping in the back of my mind that we would see them, and we did an O incredible that is so hard to post. So instead we took a ton of photos. So I think we should put a few up now you had to discipline photos up. Because it’s so hard to post like with your naked eye they don’t look. So colorful, and when you take the photos that’s when they really get.

So colorful, and bright it was still really cool though there were some parts that were very powerful yeah it’s still really cool to see like there were some parts where I was just moving, and just forming, and like the ways were just moving across um gosh it was incredible your nose is so they called us two in the morning at the moment, and and we are in the middle of Alaska, and it is chilly. But incredible I can’t believe we got to see it that’s like bucket list like oh it is so hard to explain what it’s like unless you see it like with your own two eyes incredible thanks again for reading yes, and good night guys again we’ll see you in five hours time when we wake up bye.

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