Hey everyone it is our first day of us two hours drank, and yeah we can be proud for a couple dates again first of all we are going to head down to breakfast I am hungry just clear already down there. So we’ll say hello down there phone again, I’m making pancakes yeah, I’m never going to a place where you can make you a blanket it’s cool hey how you going with them Fred Dean pretty good good rowdy guys are about to hit downstairs, and meet our entire group Jerry’s gonna be all 140 down there apparently a boss of a hundred people’s rocked off at nine o’clock. So what we went to breakfast oh that’s why we went down to breakfast before we got ready. But now we’re ready, and we’re gonna go down there am I gonna go on a walk into a prize, I’m sure we’re gonna see a few things we saw yesterday, and hopefully some new things.


But that’s actually is feeling warm outside kind of I don’t know if it’s just the room that’s hot. But, I’m not sure. So, I’m actually just throwing a jump on a jacket. So let’s see if I regret it on that. But um yeah we’re gonna head down now, and meet some of our group members which is awesome we’re trying to get here, and we’re heading to the tram to start out to work yeah yeah heading into the square that we went to yesterday too yeah I wish you learn the history. Because I had no clue like anything’s got a guide frog yeah remember that metro station who came to yesterday, and we we’re not that really tore escalator well apparently it’s the tallest escalator in all of Europe, and this originally was a bumper up. So when you know more time came all the residents don’t gowns now that transformed it into a metro, and it takes about two Hopkins to go down yeah the Sun is out I know we haven’t seen the Sun the entire time I can’t believe it look at everyone’s glowing in the stunned this is lovely Oh we’re in the way Chuck sit on a silver bowl sitting in their bubble early in the square where the Belva Revolution took place which happened in 1989 where the Czech Republic became a republic I guess ours communism was taken out they said almost half a million people were here chanting for communism to go, and the castle where the Communists were it was two kilometers away.

But they could still hear the chanting from two kilometers down that’s how many people were chanting that um it’s a very iconic swirly in here in Prague learning all of the facts. Because we had no clue anything about ralfie yeah, and this is the news here in Newtown are we going to be starting to walk into old town a bit later you talk about the town Oh down new town I can tell by the buildings when you’ve done this is the old town that’s the earliest mention of this gate in here. But they would end up making it be very ornate, and beautiful as in today this is not is this real how is this possible I really want to go put my hand in between, and check it out is this real I just love how he’s like yeah you know she’ll, and my this chillin we’re back at that club there yesterday, and we just learned that it is known as the second most disappointing like disappointing not club. But like a disappointing like historical thing or something to go stay in the world they say number ones Mona Lisa just bizarre. So small. But that clock is number two, and seeing our reactions yesterday okay that is so true we were all disappointed in just seems such a big crowd to think Eunice Lisa look amazing food was bought may even the 1500.

So I guess it was amazing back there notice telling us that if you lived in this country you’ll feel born like the 1950s up till then 23 years ago 23 years ago you would technically of lived in seven countries. But never have left this country. Because it’s had seven different like names as it’s gone on. Because every time there’s like a revolution or be renamed until finally seven like country names later it is now known as the Czech Republic which was quite interesting also he was saying that this is the most center central part of Europe yeah my central part of you were standing right now I think he said it I mean the center you did. Because Winston I need to look on the map right now I didn’t look my progress on that. But supposedly were in the central part of year you’re a trip moments Dave come on. So we just finished up our walking to a Prague it’s good.

Because we’re in two places we haven’t been to yet. But it was so funny throughout the tour our tool bag was like yeah. So have you guys seen euro trip this is Paris this is an Amsterdam this is London, and it’s all posted here in Prague who want to go back, and watch the movie, and look out for little posting locations. So pretty much the whole of your trip was practically posted here now we are heading back to Old Town. Because I well a few of you recommended on Twitter that we go try this chimney suite which will show you an apparently it’s a desert which of course we love trying to local sweet food rather than the main food. So we’re gonna go find one get a coffee have a chill walk around, and then we’ll see how the day goes did you enjoy the tour yeah I dunno it was nice walking back to places that we had been yesterday, and actually finding out the history of it.

Because guess who will like aimlessly walking around not really sure what exactly was see yes that’s why I love walking – as we actually get to learn a bit of history. So different, I’m super hungry there couldn’t think. Because I had you had pancakes for breakfast please review Izone down. So far they’ve finished thank you good ready hey Street food with Nutella hard to eat hmm okay aw see, I’m doing that yeah you can unroll it make it hold a coffee aha I put my tongue delete Karamazov a beaver tail mm-hmm it’s harder than a people Cola yeah you got Nutella on your nose all righty guys we’ve had a snap, and I went hitting it back to a free tow room to grab the drone, and we’re gonna see if we can use it in Prague we checked the maximum Paris, and I wasn’t allowed we weren’t allowed to use it anywhere in Paris it was all a no-fly zone. So yeah we’re gonna check Prague hopefully this scenarios we can fly it, and maybe taken up beginners mode. So maybe we can get a little bit higher this time we just go back to the room, and we just notice there’s a little itinerary here for the next few days with our bust Alps, and we see that tomorrow we’re going to be checking out the the Prague Castle which is the oldest parcel oh this castle in Europe Oh biggest biggest castle in Europe I think that’s what I said, and then that’s tomorrow, and then the next day we are off to Berlin that is cool shoot focus look at this you should oh there we go Berlin oh my god don’t email idea right. So we’re gonna check if our journey is charged up get that drone out get that drone up you just got the drain out, and what is thinking I want to name the drone.

But um we can’t think of a good name. So write in the comments below what do you think we should call our drone we’re just looking at line on line where we could fire the drone, and we’re like imagine if we flew it around that giant castle it is a 200 thousand euro euro oh my gosh fine if you get caught flying the drone around the castle. Because it’s so heavily protected this is why we Google oh we never just go oh who cares do it. Because it is so not worth a fine, and that’s another reason why we didn’t fly the drone in Paris we really wanted to. But the whole areas are no-fly zones and, I’ll take it it’s not worth like I don’t know for us I feel like it’s not worth risking it. So we always like to check if we can feel it slide or not.

But uh we’re definitely not gonna fly around the castle then. But there’s a park right across from where we’re staying, and we’re hoping we could fly it in there, and fly it up, and see all the rooftops. But we’re googling it and. So far it looks like we could do it at the park what do you think Steve um I’ve gotta know yeah sure still keep looking Beth it shows that’s the only annoying thing that the drone is there’s so many regulations like you can’t fly it near an airport or near like God, and I know you couldn’t fly I definitely couldn’t near the Eiffel Tower let me saw gods walking around with guns around the Eiffel Tower um the way imagine getting a two hundred thousand your refine the though the suck yeah definitely gonna look into this alright. So we couldn’t exactly find where you can’t fly besides the castle. So we’re not hundred percent sure. But we’re just going to test it out here the park right next to our hotel see what we can see, and then yeah we’ll take it from there.

But we don’t really want to break the law on flying this drone. So we’re just still hedging our way into it. Because, I’m still not an expert at flying it. So see how I celebration on the drone, and apparently there’s a lot of electromagnetic disruption in the area we’re trying to figure out what that means, and why it’s happening. So there is a tram to the left of us I don’t if that’s the reason. But I really want to fly it to recalibrate it. So we’re gonna walk up the park recalibrate it, and then see see what happens another park away from the trams.

But how cute is this road all the trees are along the edge or growing in or making like a little tunnel I love it I think we’re in like a really residential area I mean, I’m pretty sure there is a park at the end of this road, I’m just trying to catch up I mean hopefully we’re far enough away from the trams now, and hopefully that was the reason why I wasn’t working I never flee we’re not near an airport I didn’t check that we should my first time taking it out of beginners mode. But it’s still getting my head around it. Because it’s inverted, and we all trying to do this shot where we go backwards. So it’s backwards, and left-right up-down is different. So, I’m just doing you going backwards do you have to look forward when you’re going left. Because it is going back well normally it wouldn’t be if, I’m flying it that way. But we want to get us into the I guess yeah.

But yeah. So we just flew it around I think we got some shots we want for our Instagram, and the course for the post. But it’s a beautiful sunset at the moment I realize we’re just walking light as a vineyard just there. Because every night it’s been. So great. So we’ve never had like a really good sunset like this, and now that we’ve got the blue skies, and the sunset, and how pretty with a color dream. So I hope you guys enjoyed that we are going to try more, and more.

So we get used to it we might take it down near the water tomorrow, and get like those shots of progress of like charles st. charles bridge. But we just need to be careful. Because like, and as also we can’t fly too far away. Because there’s a lot of interference in the city guys. So it’s around midnight our dome is empty though clear, and rachel who else who is our tour guide who are totally forgot to introduce you to her today we’ll introduce you to her tomorrow, and they’ve actually gone to a club. So even a big bunch of people in clubbing.

But we’re super hot of them logs we were like we will edit tonight, and go out next time PS oh I say just be catching up on some work. Because you could Harris ruined us any good way you you by either to two posts no I mean like I really like going clubbing at midnight did you we are here we are tomorrow, and we’re gonna show all new sights to you you’re such a little tongue twister, I’m sure you all knew such tomorrow the prague castle tomorrow my tongue twister yes thank you now for the sensei we’re showing you all new sights tomorrow we’re going to the Prague Castle which is across the river okay good night.

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