Sunday morning March 6 2018 bright, and early sunrise hike every day I’ve been down in Costa Rica I started the Delft reading the Sun come up it’s a good have him getting into. Because back in New York even I was having a hard time waking up early I feel like this trip has kind of reset my sleep schedule, and a good way to wake up really get going with the day first thing I had to catch up with others, I’m with Gary, and Jess. But they went ahead filling some shots of the Sun coming up I see them here there how are you feeling today we’re almost there though we came up here for one reason, and one reason only Thursday’s the bird tree there’s a trip ahead that has hundreds of parrots in it maybe even thousands who was that we’re halfway up there is pretty steep or climb up the same place that we drove the car the other day we’re getting up there make it a dozen let’s big, I’m sweating a lot it’s worth it for the view though this is the same place that we drove up two days ago yeah yeah looking down at Jaco out there to the east now that’s to the west that’s the northwest post the okay Hey sweats if you weren’t sweating I’d be I’d be upset I’d be surprised it was like all the same and, I’m like okay I have this no sweat Sun comes up oh good thing we brought Walter though the descent down the hill going down is always easier no no Paris.


So far the para trees empty you have all these lots of here for sale for houses they’re all empty we’re walking through one right now these little little lots for sale along this dirt road they’re all empty such nice views though yeah you see the surf from here you wake up in the morning with your binoculars it’s how I check the third look at that we doing some bird reading right now color they they’re like a yellowish blue tiny little yellow birds there there oh yeah one of the last morning surf sessions in herb mosa you excited for yoga yeah are you excited for surf sesh I am, I’m very excited I think it’s good to do separate activities from time to time. So good thing stop feeling guilty I do feel guilty what I don’t know just Libre did you say el Libre yeah right. Because the Liebherr always has to choose between either going to yoga or going surfing going to yoga with girlfriend we’re going surfing with Gary oh yeah a few ish you’re gonna take that can I get a little slurp of that have a good time namaste Jessica oh yeah look at that. So I just put up a little palm frame hot on the beach just to put my bag under, and my water to keep it cool gonna head out for a surf there’s no one else out in the lineup here which is either a good thing or a bad thing when there’s no one else out Bagon here Walter shoes good to go keep it out of the Sun hopefully no one gets any ideas, and comes across as like oh I will take all this camera gear you you take I do this got the winner how long Wow last wave of the day I take off was closing out the wave broke right over my back like on my back I had to get out my back’s killing me the wave today is very fast closing out which means that it’s breaking all at once there’s no shoulder to go down.

So it’s kind of like a crash, and – that I kind of way. But on a good note all my stuff is still here in the little palm Hut nothing got taken which is good oh god that hurt that hurt bad you can sort of see the beach down there through the trees. But we are heading up to yoga now, I’m so excited this apparently has won some like travel awards. So, I’m excited to see what it looks like Erik you’re missing out big time I am at the infinity pool right now. But the view Erik you should have come to yoga it is so gorgeous, and hold on before I show you. So I always wondered that cow, and Trinity tulle looks like it in 74, and this some of them I think it’s like just a glass wall.

But this one has this little like Ridge here which makes it feel a lot more safe in my opinion I say just. Because I get scared on some of them. Because it looks like there’s just this little like Plexiglas wall, and you’re like oh it’s just gonna pop out here to die. But let me just show you this view, and actually gorgeous I can’t even deal with that that’s so insane I might have to pop in with my bikini afterwards, and go for a little swim it’s just. So crazy hmm right over here is where we’re doing yoga. So we have this beautiful view of the water I’ve never done yoga like a proper yoga class at a studio in a place like this. So, I’m really pumped to do this, I’m Pony food facing dog wait they’re browning we’re up on the amphitheater now we’re about to grab some breakfast at this place behind me.

But apparently the Sun sets right over there. So you can sit on these bleachers or from the infinity pool right there, and watch the Sun set off in distance I am going to make Erik take us here tonight it’s just. So unbelievably gorgeous like I can’t even stand that I love it it’s so beautiful here goes. So nice. So, I’m going to go get some breakfast. So we’re at breakfast now I just got or we just had our breakfast I got a tamale, and what did you get I got the vehicle Emma’s friends it looks really good that avocado looks bomb all right let’s dig in I kid you not that tamale was amazing I don’t think I’ve ever happened to Molly that good it just had I think like tomato hummingbird right up in that tree up there I don’t know if you guys can see that at all a little baby normal-sized hummingbird oh he’s looking. But yeah that was absolutely delicious and, I’m going to pop my swimsuit on now.

So that I can take a dip in the infinity pool I’ve never seen anything like that or experienced anything like that just to do yoga, and such a beautiful location hummingbirds flitting around then go have breakfast over the water was so sick – there’s a huge toucan like flew up right daya there’s butterflies gonna pop in the car swimming around in the grass right now Doge sniffing at him bird poop on leg you just say I told you. So I told you. So so, I’m sitting here right now feeling great. Because I had a wonderful yoga class, and a beautiful location than delicious breakfast, and then I jumped in the gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the water, and Eric over here is telling me about how he was crawling through the sand. Because he dislocated his back like it’s just located I think it just pulled muscle we’re gonna go back there though yeah we have to jess has shown me the pictures of this place and, I’m like what did I do you really missed out like it’s for yoga it was literally the instructors myself Christina who owns the surface, and the owner of the Stila hotel resort plane route oh look a yeah. Because I got a tailpipe ladies like you consider yeah definitely, I’m gonna give a shout-out to Pancho for helping fixing my back I was laying down here in the grass, and he came down he said my left leg was four inches shorter than the right leg oh he’s a boxing coach that’s why yeah he did something, and they pulled my leg back, and pop whatever was out back in the place.

So Thank You Pancho if you ever watch this post where we’re going right now. But where no no wouldn’t you know Seeger spot go into a secret spot well it’s a secret for me it’s not a seeker for Jess or for you guys well maybe we’d never seen the sunset here who watched the beginning of the post no. But we’ve never seen the sunset here. So yeah. So we’ll see it’s gonna be good when I think, and plus, I’m dying to see this place after Jessica what do you do starts picking out my face all right Jessica now we’re never it’s your golden opportunity uh uh narf fast there Richard this evenly fast cuz you know they saunter they sounded really like their first couple steps are very flower they’re like there she goes then she goes now iguana running away from me by Guan this place I have to say best view in Costa Rica, I’m saying it best for you, and all Costa Rica right here wait it gets better though I think it’s better it gets better wild I can officially say that this gym has the best view in the whole world that is just there’s no words for this in your workout on reading the sunset, I’m gonna shoot cliff back at it again casual what do you do when you have an infinity pool overlooking Costa Rica you go for sunset swim I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole life this is the place that Jessica had her yoga this morning, and they said we could come back, and swim with the pool, and walk around the hotel I got gypped out in the sunset tonight bomb cloud gone away the Sun set. But still that view it. So crazy tickets you can simulate a complete straight line of clouds right there laughs intent Costa Rica is view the view this view best view in all of Costa Rica imagine this on a nice sunset you know what we’re gonna have to come back look at Jessica changes to Wilma good job doggy pal, and Jessica we’ve wandered into the bar lounge by the pool bone off the cliff look at that it’s like the Blue Lagoon late the fungi right now Gary drove us here well Jessica the Blue Lagoon mermaid sea nymph alright bye bye hotel roof cliff pool with a view of the sunset back to the surfin I don’t think we’ve ever showed this there’s a bar maybe 100 meters from the surfin that we’ve been going getting our breakfast you can see from here almost you walk a few feet down from the surfin, and bam oceanfront bar there it is bubbles last drink in Costa Rica this is Jessica’s date for dinner dog number one dog number two last drinks in Costa Rica, I’m going to venture down to the beach now all in the stars are out tonight again this is our last night in Costa Rica for who know what do you think we’re gonna come back soon we’re definitely to come back soon until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion have you been enjoying the Costa Rica posts give the post a thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and actually recommend where we should travel to next.

Because we want to plan another trip in like a month or maybe two months or. So so leave us a comment down below where you think we should travel next.

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