It is Friday April the 22nd 2018, and we have landed in paradise holy closing this magic this is love uncle when you kiss me heaven sighs, and though my eyes I see today is our last day in Martinique. So we took a drive all the way to the southernmost point of the island, and the water here just look around I have never seen a beach like this in my whole life it is so peaceful, and calm yesterday, and today the surf contest was canceled for the day. Because there was no surf they called a lay-day. So yesterday we took the catamaran excursion, and today today we’re in paradise this hat honestly is a lifesaver down here. Because it’s so hot and. So warm I think right now it’s 98 degrees. But it doesn’t feel like it. Because it’s almost like a desert climate here rather than the tropical climate Ocean I think it’s so crazy.


Because like you guys saw the posts from earlier in the week at the surf contest where we are now is so different from the northern part of the island it’s like another world well, I’m doing saying suits you have the four corners, and they’re all completely different it’s so warm it’s so salty though my eyes are burning come eat your tea no as team Oh movie we’re about to have traditional Creole lunch breakfast breakfast whatever you prefer cooked by chef Andre Andre has been our more-or-less unofficial tour guide here in Martinique, and Andre knows everything that you can imagine about this island yeah everything we just drive you buy somewhere, and he’s like oh this is, and he goes into a story about just something that we passed by it’s such a funny guy – really good guy.

So this is codfish figure avocado green thing green figure what else is in the heycome cucumber, and there’s oil vinegar, and did you put any preparation yeah no yeah traditional Creole is this lunch or breakfast well from 6:00 to 9:00 is Rufus – its lunch. But we can make both yes Oh dried mango fruit oh my gosh you guys these are the best they’re coconut cubes or like almost sugar cubes. But not how it tastes in your mouth sort of a mix between like a powdered sugar cube mix with coconut, and like a marshmallow confectionery sugar yeah we’ve never been to a place like this you know those places that you see on Instagram or Pinterest this is one of those places yeah definitely I was just saying how you know we’ve never been to beaches like this like I grew up in New Jersey, and you grew up on the beaches of northern Massachusetts I grew up on the beaches of Sandy Pond Eric is mentoring out into the water now gonna go swim with the sharks you’ll find us another starfish his bad boy. So I told him you had to swim with the fishes actually, I’m gonna swim out to that bone back go find me starfish all right there he goes Eric fish there you go I need not hold a camera still hold on, I’m going to you Eric is all the way out there by the boat just to give you some perspective, I’m gonna zoom all the way out now still zooming out still zooming out still living out okay I think that’s assumed that as I get, and he is all the way over by the boat. So, I’m going to zoom back in over here now to give show you guys oh now he’s butterflying in like that I always thought butterfly was the sexiest zoom out before we came here we sell lots of photographs, and all the pictures there’s no people on the beach there’s a lot of people at this beach is kinda it gets crowded in the afternoon.

But I mean what can you expect yeah you will be I mean look where we are right now the curve being. So different from anywhere I’ve ever been here it’s so where it’s so long you know just Martinique in general instead times over ever been anywhere we’re under a palm tree right now that’s kind of flung over into the ocean check it out taking some shade. Because it’s hot down here really high that’s why I have my shawl to cover my shoulders. So I don’t get it first you get a little color though it finally happened the ocean took my other lens I mean these were cheap glasses from Urban Outfitters. But still let’s talk about in the last time I never felt water this one I’ve never been around a woman. So beautiful never not for the past three, and a half years you know those posts you watch are just tropical paradises this is the spot how do I pronounce the name of this Beach less saline that’s a lien is the name of the speech the nicest beach I’ve seen in my whole life, and we’re just sitting here on a bench looking at the Caribbean Sea Jessica got a voicemail. So we had just taken our last dip in the water we’re going over to change or no, I’m going over to post an Instagram it’s the one with like the pink flowers on it, and I get this message from my agent call me right now I tried to call you I need to tell you something, and I was like oh god they’re dressing in trouble I thought you’re in trouble yeah I was like oh no I have to call them before Moses Instagram I called them, and I’d look at TV commercial, and print which would be like I guess ads in magazines maybe pour gagner fufufu Jessica that’s like those commercials that I always used to look at when I drink it with the girl with your hair bouncing, and I was like oh how crazy is that you find that out down here on our last day in Martinique well, I’m sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches of everything you find out that you booked the national campaign for a huge hair brand like what what is your life okay.

So I fly out to LA on Monday no this is when you say I’d like to thank my mom my dad Picasso the Academy you thank you all so much I like to thank spicata Gideon Picasso Gideon knowing those who had their Jessica’s pet birds I like to thank my mom for always believing in me, and my dad’s also always leaving me, and my little brother Andrew for also I was sleeping I mean how much chopped liver, and I’ve heard Picasa for blazing in me in my very kid Ian for blazing, and Erica good evening this is the last shot of the beach in Paradise, and Jessica’s eating a passion for receding oh it’s still a sour oh we made it we’re heading in to get some dinner now at this place right here bonsoir it’s very interesting. Because I found people to be really receptive to postging here I feel like I pull up the camera, and people are more curious as to what, I’m doing, and rather like looking at like Oh what is this guy up to. But we’re heading to dinner now Wow look at this place oh my gosh look at the sky it looks more green in person it kind of does I mean you can kind of see it through here. But the sky looks green at night here yeah Green did I get a letter or a banana daiquiri, I’ll get the doctor you get the cotton one yeah we’ll share let’s do it back to dinner no more Vaadin full moon tonight our last night in Martinique as beautiful Oh Jessica I look like a lobster they look at the back of me is lobster red, and then on this from the side it’s like a flounder fish where it’s white look at that that’s bad yeah. So that’s an weston tonight we go to bed tomorrow morning we wake up at 5:30 head to the airport au revoir Martinique carve watt head then how do you say it oh yeah I can’t do it by then the robots of what pictures the pictures yesterday with the starfish the whole trip look at my face I got it nothing I can’t even look at my shoulders you’re so discuss about how hurt I am Keith oh gosh. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more or less, and live your passion if you guys like the past eight days of Martinique posts give the post a thumbs up, and leave a comment down below, and we’ll see you tomorrow in New York City bonne nuit on the wheat bun bonne nuit Oh follow me bonne nuit from Martinique see this is why I speak French. Because the whole time Jessica laughs my French speaking skills okay I can’t hope that.

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