Every day I just pray that we don’t come across those goddamn snakes Hey Ohio it is 6 o’clock in the morning February the 27th 2018 I think it’s a Monday I am on an akka Island which is a tiny tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, I’m in the middle of the jungle and, I’m on my way to this beach that I saw yesterday from the drone it’s like a perfect stance bit of a beach very tiny very remote, I’m staying at this guy’s house this he’s a fisherman before I went onto the jungle he said watch out for this snake apparently there’s a snake on this island where if you get bit by the snake you die in 30 minutes. So there’s that this is the treacherous part. Because we’re in the high grass, and you know what likes to live in high grass.


So it can hide fast, and pounce out a guide also told me that like to hang from trees. But also it’s the middle of winter. So most are very very sluggish. So we should be good we’re out there or out there in the jungle there’s one rope that tied, I’m on the right track. Because I have to go down this cliff to that beach in the distance emerging from the jungle is a wild Eric, and we have arrived at the first Beach straight up exploring with oh I need this I need a snake stick today I was supposed to go on a whale-reading tour, and I have to be back at 10 a.m.

But I really really want to see this beach I can safely say this is one of the most cinematic places I’ve ever seen in the whole world know that moment i attack reject something if I had to describe to you a perfect morning it will be waking up at sunrise big cup of black coffee hug through the woods get down to a remote beach clown for rock face, and sit, and look over the ocean at a view like this that’s my perfect morning today with pretty pretty close to a perfect morning I have to say secret beach in Japan, I’ll miss you I think was the most exhilarating feelings in the world, and also most terrifying is going into a jungle that you don’t know anything about, I’m a guy from southern New Jersey tiny town, and Here I am in the jungle in Japan get out there get out there, and see the world yes sir I cannot tell you how happy I am that it’s not raining today it’s crazy how much the weather affects my mood. But that’s the thing with that said, I’m back on a little scooter and, I’m going to go cruise the beaches I have one hour before we leave, and go to the next island a fast speech, I’m looking for now I saw on the very first day it’s a sand pit that connects to another Island I think we found it this morning was kind of cold, and now with 75 degrees, and sunny oh that’s not good cactus steps on the cactus my guide said to me it’s at the end of the dirt road you get off your bike you walk down the sand path past all these bushes, and you end up at the most beautiful beach in Japan or at least one of them.

I’m starting to see now why they want to promote this place in the wintertime. Because if you get a sunny day in the winter it looks like this, and there’s not a single soul on this beach although if you live in North America it’s pretty tough to go out to Japan first of a holiday today’s motorbike comes in a nice kind of pinkish purple say goodbye the Paradise Beach jump on a boat to the next Island we made it to the third, and final island out of the three island chains of the Chimera Islands toka Shetty Key Island I hope I said that right I think I said that right this is the largest town out of the three islands yeah this would be that let’s go charge the batteries take a little siesta our, and then in a few venture around the town go get some food see what this place that’s all for that’s really really bad oh my word I got. So sunburned today you know it’s the days that you don’t expect to get any Sun at your friend. But I am looking I don’t even don’t look at a beautiful valley was all about the extravagance in the pomp, and circumstance Japan is pure function this is my room for the night very similar to the last two rooms.

I have two beds my workstation I mean this is what it looks like when you travel when you make posts there’s just camera gear all about the room we make our way this way there’s kind of like a little fridge coffee maker after me oh there’s at least a big tub Oh take a bath tonight it’s actually like a place like this it doesn’t even matter where your standards. Because it’s such a beautiful location, I’m going to go meet up with the rest of the team I love how I take the rest of the team you guys don’t even know who the team is really I mentioned it once we have a translator we have a guy from the PR company, and then a journalist she has her own blog website she’s about to freelance writing for big magazines, and stuff like that first day of the trip I mentioned that no one really wants to be posted such if your boy solo in Japan come on up on three weeks of solo travel I go back to the states in two days, I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of pumped to go back computer on my friend, and people in New York City let’s go get some girl bus oh yeah you know it’s funny there isn’t even a really town you know in most cities Heather’s a downtown there’s a pub that’s open there’s a bar there’s nothing here look walking through the street like there’s nothing hands down one of the best things about Japan the vending machines look how appealing the vending machines are here it’s like a toy store this one just has drink. So then what does this one have no food just coffee drink soda oh my gosh the sunburn monster holy sunburn I don’t want to look.

But no delicious dinner issues hands down my favorite meals I love sushi I rarely have chicken or beef anymore mainly fish. So, I’m in Japan all they eat is fish. So the sushi I ate way way too much douche Amaro is the second to last day in Japan I think tomorrow we’re doing stand-up paddling potentially surfing I know there’s surf here. But I just need to find out where if you like today’s post in that insane Beach give the post a thumbs up leave me a comment down below your favorite part today’s post, and I will see you tomorrow for the second-to-last day in Japan. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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