We need the light for this it is so freakin dark oh, and there are lots of animals out maybe not my best idea to wake up at 4:00 in the morning, and go run through the forest in Japan Saturday morning August the 13th 2018 from the middle of the woods in Japan northern Japan I decided would be a good idea to wake up early run to the top of that mountain that we saw the Sun set yesterday, and catch the Sun Rise how creepy is that just waiting for someone to pop out yes okay this is not the way this is the way okay, I’m gonna go from all, I’ll see you run at the top I wouldn’t make it they’ll get attacked by an animal or monkey I made it out of the forest alive my whole mentality this trip was I had come here for five days to not do something it is for 25 in the morning just ran my ass up through that creepy forest didn’t die, and made it to the top actually where’s Kelly Kelly decided to join me. But she has asthma, and she doesn’t have her inhaler, and she said you know go ahead.


But I told her to scream if anything got her maybe not the best idea, I’m running down the mountain. But I just wanted to stop, and show you this there is an old abandoned temple on the side of this mountain it looks like it’s been here for a very very long time this is creepy this is so surreal it’s locked off if anyone knows what this says let me know down below in the comments, and screenshot it, I’m so curious to see what this thing is have you ever heard the suicide forest it’s that 4th right by the foot of Mount Fuji where people go to kill themselves it’s not too often that I have these kind of paranormal feelings. But this morning running up here I felt spirits if that makes sense I fell a lot of just energy what was that little fish I think or frog there’s a well right here. But I just felt a lot of energy in this forest we made it out alive the Sun is finally up over the mountain, and here’s a nice look at our village a little tiny fishing village in northern Japan they just rebuilt all this. So this is the tsunami break wall that, I’m running on here it’s I’d say maybe 2 meters high. But from the water maybe 3 meters it’s interesting.

Because I was running, and doing sprints along the waterfront, and this little Japanese woman saw me, and she was carrying water, and she starts what she was doing, and just kind of looking at me you wake up early in the morning on a Saturday you don’t expect to see this tall lanky American running through your village okay this is our house you know it’s interesting we’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere there are vending machines everywhere in Japan, and they look like little candy shops um coffee we need to find coffee coffee in Japan has been kind of scarce if is still around in like 50 years to go back, and see Rio 2018 davidic oh my god that cut was 26 years old back then that’s the date there this is the date 2018 August 13th Saturday just should I see something hello hi on this Konami screech OH we are not like a yo-yo neighborhood Oh 4:30 Monday yeah me not on the isolated own it korekara Mogambo title my not your schooling I thought hey I just started this privately how his father started 40 years ago, and also not that attracting many men Jewelry Sasaki are they are doing the best, and that’s a sin Wow well hopefully this helps a little bit you heard it if you’re ever in Higashi Matsushima come to this in we had a great time that was my room right there I was staying now we’re gonna go fish we’re taking a boat ride, I’ll be heading out there we’re drinking yeah we’re going along, and there’s all these cavernous rocks it’s all volcanic rock before the earthquake in 2018 this is what it looked like, and after the rocks split into two, and it was a 9.0 on the Richter scale we’re back on the mainland now the highlight of this trip was jumping off of that boat, and swimming in the water the warmest turquoise water, and just with all the little islands dotted around, and the caves I wish we had more time. Because originally we were supposed to just go, and take a little tour of the coast, and then Kelly, and I were like oh we wanted to UM ball can go swim, and they were really against it. But finally they’re like okay jump in five minutes five minutes Sukie hama beach if you’re ever in northern japan come to su-kyong beach take the bow, and you can take a little tour out around the coast, and ask the jump-off Englishwoman swimmin guy with the best part I almost forgot I jumped in with my only pair of shorts I have on this trip well my only khaki shorts air-drying no those aren’t mine. But I didn’t oh that’s fun yeah thank you where to now to get to send I will take the local train. So we’ll go to the noble station hi Kelly it’s nice it’s not too hot oh the typhoon is coming oh just in time for leaving do you think it’ll be delayed it’s very cloudy it’s cold, and apparently there’s a typhoon coming tomorrow, and I fly out tomorrow morning. So that might not be good this is us not bad this is kind of like my first apartment in New York City it’s one of those days where I can’t believe that this morning I was running up that mountain I saw that sunrise, and now a few hours later, I’m back in Tokyo in the middle of the city Kelly lives in Tokyo.

So she jumped in a cab, and went back to her apartment she OG my guide went back to her apartment she lives like 40 minutes outside of Tokyo, and now it’s just me in this little hotel room in Tokyo I almost forgot. So I arrived at the front desk, and they said there’s a package for me I walk in the room this is a package from yes way I feel like yes way, and I are good friends at this point she’s been reading the post since a year, and a half ago since I started the blog basically originally we were supposed to go down to Osaka. But instead we went up north to Miyagi we were supposed to meet up, and she had some goodies for Jess, and I. So she sent them to my hotel how that’s amazing that is when I was coming down here from Miyagi on the bullet train I had a really interesting thought I was thinking about the reasons why I love doing things like this even fast trips like this, and this trips amazing. Because it’s an actual feedback based trip you know they’re using the feedback that Kelly, and I had to better this itinerary for something four years from now the reason why I love this, and the reason why I love going to new places, and traveling it you know the beautiful locations that’s a huge part of it. But the main reason is I love connecting with people connecting with people that are so different from you, and every aspect of life event there’s a language barrier there’s culture barrier you know the other night at dinner I didn’t post it. Because we were just we were drinking sake, and Japanese beer.

But by the end of the dinner we were all drunk off of sake, and we were all laughing, and joking, and is that right there that’s the reason why I love traveling it the coolest part about staying in Japanese hotels, and Japanese Inns is the fact that most places have sleepwear, and they also have these robe when we were at the other place GOG helped me tie this crap, I’m just going to do my best when we were that japanese in the first one there a really nice one you were expected to wear your robe around the hotel. But since we’re in Tokyo, I’m not entirely sure if I can walk around in this let go to dinner, and this, and go get food they say Japan was made by a soul they say the old gods did the cold blade into the ocean last night in Tokyo, and I am sitting down in my hotel room, and reading The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise I haven’t seen this movie since I was 12 years old in 2018. So it’s been a while, and actually I feel like I appreciate the post a lot more after the past week here in Japan. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion good night from Tokyo.

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