Hey from Bangkok Thailand today, I’m starting off the day in a flower market I have never seen anything like this it is probably I’d say a good three or four city blocks the whole warehouse is full flowers, and vendors, and people just doing their thing, I’m very curious to how long these flowers actually last before they go bad.

THE MOST AMAZING PLACE ON EARTH – Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand Photo Gallery

Because I mean look how many there are there’s bags, and bags, and bags of flowers the flower market then turns into a sort of produce section they have fresh chilies bananas all kinds of good produce that’s the name is marcell your post student right yeah, I’m a post student third year student nice, and then you’re on Instagram yeah, and what is it go with your Instagram there in McIntire go check out her Instagram yes, and it’s over on the what about it, I’m like top of the head romantic with green blanket I’ve mentioned this a few times in these posts. But I have a bucket list on this bucket list there’s a whole range of things to like climbing mountains, and trying different foods to like very weird things. But not like that, and one of those things on my bucket list is to ride a tuk-tuk around either India or Thailand.

So, I’m going to take a tuk-tuk ride my first tuk-tuk ride ever – they’re very shaky they’re pretty fast I feel like they’re a lot more convenient than the traditional taxi or the Red Bus, and apparently they use tuk tuks when they go to the market just. Because they’re easy, and you complete all your groceries than that this tuk tuks are very wobbly though I feel like they could tip over really really easily, I’m actually on my way to the declining of Buddha temple which is kind of close to the natural it’s the world Palgrave a lot of beautiful hello hey where you guys at okay we’re just taking a photo right now, and then uh, and then we’ll meet you guys right over there this lighting is insane right now this is the lighting. Because we’re covered she’s lit, I’m lit this photos gonna be led okay we’ll be like five or ten minutes okay see Robert all right look at this little phone that they gave us I showed this yesterday do you see how tiny this phone is look at my hand not the third he receives ooh Lander hello this foam is as much a part of me it’s like that this is the Big Daddy of all the temples in Bangkok we are at Wat Pho, and this temple is the most grand temple, and all Bangkok would you say all Thailand I would say all one of them I need to look behind me look how ornate this it’s the only one we couldn’t fly the drone on we had permission at every single temple to fly the drone that’s why we’re out here on a drone campaign. But not this one just.

Because this one is the crown jewel of Bangkok of Thailand I don’t really have words for place like this, and I feel like sometimes I travel to these amazing locations, and you just really can’t say anything you just can show , and we’re back fast forward a solid five hours it is now almost the end of the day, and I forgot to mention in the post today. But this is our last night in Bangkok Allah sighing Thailand oh I know this is it this is it this is the end the game is like it’s our last night we are doing something very very special, and we are down at the river now as you can see hustle, and bustle of the river here in Bangkok Sun is about to go down, and yeah it’s kind of like the last hurrah this is the boat not bad at all if you’re going on a hot date, and you are in Bangkok come on this boat at sunset take over you with around this is a it’s a pretty next-level romance you you this trip to Thailand, and it’s so funny. Because every term I go on I keep saying oh I just had the best day in my life or I just had the best trip of my life I’ve done a lot of things in my life I’ve tried. So many different things that fail to add more things than I can even imagine when you finally get to that point where you say, I’m doing something right, and each day was better than the last where this was the best day I’ve ever had, and then tomorrow happens, and you have another day that was even better than the first day that’s when you know you’re on the right track. But also, I’m looking at this the last key recently passed away, and it is so amazing how many people said that that they loved the dis man, and most of them had never ever met this guy I just find that fast like he’s he’s everywhere he’s in the malls the gas stations on the river I just find that. So crazy how one man affected.

So many people yes hey I need a copy of the quickest on today oh my god spotted right now who despite where are you Tommy is like uh you wanna hear you want to be in the ball hi USA hello, I’m Omni on cuz he was meant to come with you to the town smart funny part time area I make a picture yes P yeah of course this is a good Bible tomorrow, and I got a bit rowdy you have a few casual cocktails on the boat back at the hotel now to drop off my drone, and my camera, and then we’re actually going to go out again, I’m not gonna post going out I know there’s probably a lot of people reading her like oh you should post going out, and having fun there are some things in life that you can fill and. So on there’s a lot of other things that you should have put on this is the latter of those two situations tomorrow morning flying to New York City and, I’m back in New York City for a solid month, and I know the past two months I’ve been very very inconsistent with these upload. Because I’ve been traveling around I’ve just been working a lot which is amazing honestly is crazy. Because my dreams have kind of come true in the past three months which is very cool is that your dreams come true that’s when you have to make new dreams that’s when you have to keep just pushing for more I know I mentioned I was going to go travel with Christian, and Laura, and that didn’t work out. Because I actually booked a job back in New York City Christian, and I have been meaning to plan a trip like a proper trip for a good three weeks, and that’s going to happen that’s happening in may may I have nothing I have no jobs I have nothing. So may there’s going to be some legit travel some solo travel like the good stuff like this stuff from Bali like getting a moped, and just riding around, and then not having a destination that’s coming very very soon, and I will see you tomorrow from Thailand traveling to New York City. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion I will see you tomorrow can I.

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