I’m just sitting here setting up a time-lapse, and this huge fat seagull with these beady yellow eyes comes, and perches right next to me a French Mont saint-michel seagull at the camera it’s a camera see you Oh Oh bye-bye seagull there he goes off into the sunrise this is the road into Mont saint-michel, and you can see people are already coming into town for the Tour de France which starts today oh yeah this is a good 45-minute walk from the mainland to the castle. So oh yeah I get it delicious basket of baguette, and pastry – yogurt coffee Jam Saturday morning July 2nd 2018 early in the morning having our coffee in our quest shot out on the balcony, and todai-ji today’s our last day in France actually tomorrow today’s our last full day in France we’re currently two hours yeah we leave we leave early that 8:00 a.m. today is the first day since the food poisoning that I feel I feel good I woke up today I shall be well-rested I woke up before you today which hasn’t happened all trips here’s Jessica feeding Segal lowering the seagull down to her, and then this is so cool if you look up this is where we’re standing right here in our medieval cottage, and then if you look up here you can see the very top of the abbey of mont saint-michel with the spire he just won’t go away oh my goodness just laying on my arm that’s all I want you said if beau was a bird he would be a seagull like him you hear that Bubba you would be a fed ass see you look how fat this seagull is he ate half a bag get earlier, and he’s still hungry we’re done our breakfast, and Jessica left her yoga on the table look he’s just helping himself oh just eat new yogurt all over his beak amazing day out, I’m so happy that we got a nice sunny day. Because the past four days it’s been pouring rain cloudy, and cold checkout is in just about an hour it’s so soon though I wish we could stay here longer like maybe spend five days here just enough to explore everything. Because there’s just.

THE MOST AMAZING PLACE ON EARTH Mont Saint Michel Photo Gallery

So much. So many little nooks, and crannies, I’m down here on the flats in front of Mont saint-michel taking a nice morning walk before the craziness of the Tour de France begins I still can’t even believe that I look into the viewfinder it doesn’t look real it looks like a sand castle you know all right we just checked out of the hotel we just dropped our luggage off at the car we took a shuttle bus to the mainland now we’re walking back down on the path to the star of the Tour de France, and look at all the people that are already here it starts in another hour, and look at the madness here you know you watch it on TV it’s one thing. But the sea in person, and just the energy here start the toilet Rob if you think of that oh that’s a great shot Jesse I got a photo of the ax, and the Jets fly over breaking for started with the the French flag colors, and now we all have mass exodus back to the front line we just got to the train station though on the town in the mainland we have a five o’clock train back to Paris you know do some second degree do you some peas open all do calm your distance Jim Bob says a copy Oh God are you saying I want to say thank you again to the first horse, and board for setting this up it’s very addressing cuz a lot of you guys we mentioned this in a post earlier. But a lot of you guys are saying oh how can you afford all of this stuff, and it is. Because the French Tourism Board that all of it up we’re still lucky to have been able to go to like a minister restaurants, and like that other restaurant that was a Liz Liz Buchanan’s maybe we’re on the Sun that was amazing if you have to go to only one restaurant like if you literally have like three hours in Paris go there it’s amazingly you were texting your mom the whole meal cuz it was so good every meal that would come out at this place just to go a text her mom, and send the picture right then, and there I know I have to brag to her it was definitely a trial on air trip you know especially for us we’ve never done a trip like this where there was a set itinerary, and in the beginning that was it was a lot you know the trips before this Costa Rican Martinique it was sort of well Martinique had a bit of night in every. But Costa Rica just like go whenever Oh drain through for us it was a good experience to have a trip with an itinerary just to see what it’s like, and to plan for future trips you know what kind of itineraries work for us, and what doesn’t work keeping it organic for you guys as well.

Because you don’t want to come watch one of these posts for traveling, and it’s like go here go here go here you really want to make sure that we give you guys our honest opinions. So you know we put some stuff in maybe a little more that we actually like, and not so much some of the stuff that we didn’t like as much just. Because we want to give you guys drop that well I can you guys our honest feelings, and opinions we don’t want to put our name behind something that we didn’t even actually like. So you know if you notice a certain restaurants aren’t in as much or just certain things are in as much as other things those are the places that were like I think we should make like a whole trim recap. So if you have any questions from this trip leave them down below, and then we’ll go into my idea it’s sort of like a like a trip QA I think that’s I think they cool you know just to get feedback. Because because there were a lot of questions I get the little moments in a trip that really stick out, and make a trip, and it’s not necessarily something that a lot of people would think is funny or cool. But the little moments that we had like to see you all when you have such set things you don’t really experience it in the same way that you would you know what I mean.

Because if you’re stuck to the things that you already know where is the exploration that where’s the little things in my excitement that come in better that was little unexpected pieces of life the first post that we’re back in America we’re going to answer the questions, and I think that just would be good for future trips oh, and a question that I know might come up especially since we said the French Tourism Board sent us no we were not paid yeah none of this was paid like we did not receive any monetary compensation yeah where’s the good France I would love to go to from yeah. But what’s the place that we love, and we want to experience it together now we have a three hour train ride back to Paris maybe two, and a half trains are fast in Europe solution yes. So we just got back to Paris, and this would have been a horrible trip if we do not get crepes seriously this is the first thing that I wanted to do and, I’m so bad that we had pet tattoos Marcin happy Hyatt near tries to go this is our final hotel while in Paris just. Because tomorrow our flight is very very early dun-da-da-da bathrooms are the best part of hotels we all know that you know what’s gonna happen there to bring in our euros we’re gonna go down to the apparently there’s a club. So we’re gonna go check it out spend the last of our euro on chocolate milks this is the lobby of our hotel there is a hammock astroturf with a book, and a nice egg chair, and two glasses for some vino also aside from the hammock there is a lovely oh that’s the camera strap there’s a lovely bamboo garden there is also a koi pond in the hotel with nice fat koi fish you’re gonna push me in aren’t you you’re gonna push me in come on let’s find this place this is a serious hotel though, and just like that we are back in Paris well if it’s like The Shining their never-ending hallway we’re still walking which way freaking rooms are doesn’t get me french fries yeah did you hear that you want french fries on your lap man France that would need french fries. Because they’re French fine for now please it’s great for the job that’s terrific that’s actually there’s lots of things in these posts that we joke about. But not it not many people get it.

Because I have this stupid dry sense of humor from my parents. So, I’m like oh yeah I need fresh bread cuz I would Brit let those are French, and have you get it in the other half really Oh tomorrow we traveled back to New York City, and then the following week we travel someplace very cool. But you’ll see in good time if you guys liked today’s post give it a thumbs up, and leave us a comment down below Oh comet theme tonight is leave us a comment if you’ve ever been to mount st. Michelle, and curious to know how many people have actually been there do you think that’s a good question ideas until tomorrow bright, and early smile more worry less, and live your passion the airport is right there to grab the steer it’s like a spa – are you kidding me I was just trying to show the airport you’re grabbing steam at air that we can’t even see cuz there’s no light that’s it the post is done the fuck you drunk off one cup of champagne or wine.

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