The Journey San Francisco to Solola

Alright how to take you on a journey from San Francisco to a new place in Guatemala leaving a hostel now here in san fran about to board a shuttle to the airport we’re heading off, I’m going to take you all the way to the arrival, and everything in between hopefully this goes smoother than what’s ailing else what’s the own Airlines aeromexico how much yeah. So see how this goes right just got through security nothing more exciting, and when you go through security, and you realize between socks on this morning, I’m just going to hang out grab some water get pumped up for the trip ok on the play he’s going to have a footboard delicious stuff very pleased p I did made the Mexico City very nice little flight San Francisco very uneventful there’s no snakes on the plane.

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So it’s good now just broke that now we’re just going through customs through immigration with all my forms sorry hand those in talk by my fight to Guatemala City from there okay made it Mexico City just waiting for our flight in Guatemala City about two hours. So, I’m just kind of hanging out Michael’s duty free shop man whoever’s sitting next to me the next play good me in for a real treat went to that maybe catch up on my pop culture, and Spanish consume the plane to arrive otherwise everything looks good, and got myself a nice three cheese sandwich script better burger sea snakes delicious boarding Emma coloca la sobrina de boca made it hey many oz a la mala we’re going to go through immigration the immigration papers we have, I’m also going to change a little bit of money the airports usually like the worst place to change money. But i feel like, I’m going to need it from my taxi. So they don’t work me off in the cab, and also at the bus stations i’ma head right from here at the airport to the bus station if I can find it I gotta see if someone, I’ll tell me a great place to go all right major pressing problem they didn’t ask me any questions through immigration, and then at customs they just asked where I come from, and how long will I be here the exchange place giving about six point seven to one which isn’t fest.

So I didn’t change a lot to change about forty dollars, and now this is where things have to be sharp. Because this is where I get a taxi, and hopefully get right to the bus station that I can catch a ride to. So Lola it’s raining a little bit out there. But it’s more, and we want your people lined up outside. So, I’m gonna ask them before i head out there what’s the best bet to get through the foster you know they killed Osama I didn’t burn it porque tienen familia aqui o que esto sólo para submission era ok one of these chicken buses wait power I the right one stay away please not three or four hours I said what directly it’s all a lot change classes. So this will give me ride solo da it’s only one bus I tried to run it down, and left without me, I’m hoping this is my bus I made it. So Lola got in on the bus right there, and pretty foggy coming in couldn’t see much I don’t know exactly where I am now I go a metaphor to my arrival.

So now it’s time to find a hotel I’ve made any reservations yet powerful man yeah that’s it, and maybe bread for dinner we made it just arrived, and the hotel I just got a taxi from the middle of town, and here it is this is where, I’ll be kicking off my trip when took us 20 minutes I got a red recommendation from the guys, I’ll be working with, and on this hotel. So I just came up with to get cab cost me two dollars to your cab up, and they had a room available. So they say they have Wi-Fi. So we’ll check on that otherwise it looks nice with better than a hostile have stayed in San Francisco. So that’s it the arrival in solo la Guatemala that looks like it’s calling my name first, I’m i try to get online call home, and then, I’m I go look for some food enough about me see your own you.

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