The İnternational Moves More Comfortable With Us

Making a move is always a cumbersome process, but doing it to go abroad complicates things even more. However, international removals can be easier if they are carried out with enough time and if you take into account aspects such as the organization of the boxes (classifying the objects by theme). We know that it is often difficult to trust an online service, when sending a package. However, the fact that the transaction of your shipment is not physical, will make it much simpler and more efficient. Not only because of the fact that, in addition, you will have a wide deployment of  customer service agents available almost 24 hours a day, but because you will keep control of your shipments at all times.

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Depending on the volume you have, we will offer you two possible modes of loading for your move by sea. If your volume exceeds 20 CBM (cubic meters) it would be advisable to hire a full container service and if instead your move is only your most basic personal effects and has loads below 15 or 20 CBM, it is best to hire a groupage service thus making transportation costs cheaper since their personal effects would be transported in a container shared with the effects of other people or companies.

We offer:

Budget without commitment

Full professional packaging and care

High quality and extra resistant packaging material

Dismantling of furniture

Loading and careful storage of the container

Transfer to the port of departure

Customs export procedures

The organization is fundamental, as well as providing the boxes with the necessary protection, especially if they contain fragile items or that may deteriorate due to the swings of the route. Once these simple steps are completed, it is convenient to clarify which form is the most practical to transport the boxes and consult the prices to make an international move.

Prices for international removals

The courier companies offer services that guarantee that the cargo reaches its destination in the time and manner required, being able to choose from thousands of destinations around the world. You will find us as the best courier service for your international removals and at the best price. Try entering the cities of origin and destination in the search engine above and add how many packages you need to send to know the prices instantly.

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