Boy struggles with the petrol you working it out yeah oh here we go good work Stevie I feel like every morning I started it here filling up our fuel where are we off to today we off to Vegas today for Vegas we are heading to you yeah we’ve never been to Vegas before. So we’re very excited for that he needs my help to pull up the fuel he’s are working now there you go Hey guys how you doing today good good good how good, I’m good good, I’m excited to see the Grand Canyon the sky is nice, and blue, and lovely weather I think I know we’re about an hour, and a half away from the Grand Canyon. But then I think it’s about like a four-hour five-hour drive to Vegas.


So soon be like a long day in the car. But, I’m very excited to see what greatness looks like I really know that much about Vegas besides like a stereotypical Vegas you know they say that thank you the hangover, and always Presley chapels, and fake Eiffel Towers that’s all I know. So guys we just got to the Grand Canyon this pretty much just like a drive, and there’s like 11 stops along this 40 kilometer drive, and we can see what we see you see a little bit of a little bit of it we’re trying to get to a viewpoint. But it looks cool we don’t have much time here to like go on the really long hikes, and stuff. But there’s something called the desert view which you drive down it’s a 40 km at a drive, and it stops off at all these viewpoints. So we’re just stopping off that all these it’s so big hey yeah something massive like you really hard to photograph yes I thought cuz it looks flat in the camera. But in real life it’s like.

So many dips, and stuff after the next spot, and it’s hard to some spots are hard to photograph oh my gosh they have Christmas hats on let me post them why don’t we have Christmas hat that way the crows here at evil look how big it’s big is is it gonna attack me, I’m sorry scary they’re huge oh my gosh I like walking right on the edge of the Grand Canyon it is the grandest of the canyon Steven, and be walking my gosh look at that this is crazy oh my gosh you guys are so far guys we’re right on the edge of the Grand Canyon we made it all the way to the end of Desert View Road to a spot called Desert View, and here there is it looks like there is a place to buy some food, and there’s a big Tower which will go over to you now look it’s a Snickers bar. But it’s an ice-cream bar, and it’s a M&M ice cream cookies I’ve never seen this before and, I’m very excited to try it out treats yeah, I’m walking, and driving yeah we have found the tower, and we’re gonna see if we can go up the tower we’re going up those view Stevie how cool is it up here it’s so cool up here by Grand Canyon it’s time to go to Vegas excited, I’m sorry I think it’s gonna take us a while to get there though, I’m probably gonna get there like 7 or 8 o’clock at night. So it’s gonna be a bit of a drive ahead of us are you ready first I think the arrests in this era right sure are you ready for it she’s ready, I’m ready we’ve been driving for about an hour, and a half, and we’re just uh feed to grab some fuel, and then we’re gonna grab some lunch before steel getting on well you’re quite late we haven’t really had any lunch or anything we had it at an ice cream it is currently full sixteen.

So I definitely need some food I think, I’m as fast we definitely need some food, and then back on the road we have found a star another Starbucks at Subway to go to we feel like a nice light sandwich which sounds perfect Stephens been editing posts in the back. Because, I’m excited things he said the one he just edited was his favorite which she would have already seen which is the roller-coaster one. So we’re about to watch it to see what a flat we just got to Vegas, and now we are just driving through the city trying to find our hotel we’re staying at the MGM, and yeah we came in three like the mountain way, and now we just drove through the suburbs, and now we’ll try to find the strip oh. So excited number 26 oh this is cool let’s see the view we’re in Vegas baby oh this is so cool. So excited alright we can end the night here. Because we go one of our showers, and go to bed cuz I started talking from the big long road trip, and I can’t wait to explore baby’s fur, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye guys.

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