Hey everyone how you doing today we are going on another tour we are heading to Versailles which i think is just another city town area in we’ll find out all the facts a lot of people have told us to go to the side. So, I’m very excited see we’re actually going for like an 8, and 1/2 out to us yes Sykes involved picnics involved should be a good day starts at 9 it’s like 20 to 9. So we’re just gonna run over to the meeting spot, and then yeah we jump on a bus to the Sai, and then we’ll see how the rest of the day goes all righty guys really that group for me currently looking to the train station to head to the side it takes about 30 minutes to train up through design then we’re gonna pick up our bikes from this. So now we just arrived in beside which we find out is a suburb of Paris.


So it’s an extra town on electricity. But yeah am I going now to go, and get our bikes, and then we’re gonna go ahead to a market to go pick up some food for our picnic later, and to grab some lunch. Because I mean your have some breakfast too. Because we don’t actually have it had any breakfast today it’s real quiet home yes we were very hungry we are very hungry I can’t think. So it’s hard to post, and be super needy it’s beautiful it is well it looks quite like Paris for the moment. But I guess we’ll see what the chassis looks like, and we’ll find out more about what this is, and why it was there well that jet just go to our bikes yes beautiful, and I have pretties up ready to go now arrived at the markets, and it is quite big apparently we ever do top market lists in France this always appears in the top three. So should get some good food yeah.

So we’ve just come to a French patisserie, and we had to get some of the gas, and chocolate croissants the dessert you’re getting ready for a picnic later on same huh. So we’ve managed to grab some breakfast which is good, and then this is just for lunch, and then we’re gonna go try find some French Jesus to add to our little lunch, and then maybe get some drinks, and stuff, and then we have to cook we head over to our bikes, and then we recycle to examine the Chateau de Versailles beside see you’ve got the meal in there we try to get very french with our meal at baguettes chocolate croissants cheese, and then some bananas her area of a size very beautiful too. So we’re now cycling through the grounds of the chateau like the whole area, and we’re just getting some history lessons some information. So there were three Louise that lived here is Kimberly the fourteenth fifteenth, and then the last the sixteen, and there seems to be some egotistical monarchs here. Because he spent ten percent Oh Frances GDP to a build all of this guys might have heard of Queen Marie Antoinette she lived here we’ve also built this model village which currently is one of the world’s first theme parks if you want to call it they set up like an old village, and rich whatever you say people dress up people dress up, and it would be like a fake village.

I guess me the village body was a very glorified this is you could kind of feel like a commoner even though she was the queen of France, and we’re gonna go see that model village now we’re here now at the village, and it looks like Snow White’s little little cottage it’s so cute how cute is it see how cool the pigs a humongous there’s all these like farm animals there’s white peacocks which, I’ll go have a look guys it’s very interesting to think that this whole little village was just set up some Marie Antoinette could feel poor no you know like you’re like a commoner yeah, I’m be able to go home to her Marie Antoinette I am away from the path yeah big big time yep it’s really good put some proper French basalts the desert look at that hey UK hey guys look at this view we have for our picnic, and right behind us is the palace, I’m gonna go in this to me Vidal croissant medicine business engineering thank you know you guys we are now heading to the Chitauri which is the main reason why you come to the side. But it’s a palace of desire this Chateau is the health of a sign, and this is like the chef of the movie okay which Louis the fourteen fifteen sixteen one of them was all three lived in the Chateau is one of them I’ve already forgotten, and they taught us. So many times Steve boom the last one under shop we’re going to go check it out, I’m very excited to be close Marie Antoinette’s little house a lot of her furniture was taken this was quite empty where the Chateau a lot of during the French Revolution a lot of the of this Chitauri was taken.

But well it’s Revolution was over they went, and found a lot of the furniture, and put it back in the palace to actually get to see some furniture explain a genius tired after all the cycling. But the psalm the bikes now back at the shop, and now it’s orders on foot from here looks like a lot of other people have heard about the Cheshire. Because there is quite the line look at all those people oh oh your ticket thank you so much. But. Because we’re here with fatback – as we get a sneaky little shock huh, and we don’t even get to line up what do you think that that title is he couldn’t let by to us, I’m sorry. So we don’t need line up which is awesome. Because there are a lot of people here.

But this place is literally humongous I can’t look at it all with my eyes this is the key to the main door all of my hand up. So you can see how big it is like that is one big key the roofs are so beautiful, and that is a really big painting there Stephen getting very excited maintain them in also the biggest fireplace I’ve ever seen another thing in his bedroom, and there is the Kings bed, and the roof is also painted very cool, and all the words all the walls at his golden red the gardens outside is so pretty hey save do you think the King had enough chandeliers look at all of the chandeliers on my shangela Wow we’re currently in a room for the full of mirrors, and I think it’s the nicest room that we have seen it is a gigantic like long hallway looking with mirrors all along the side, and you see. So many chandeliers see there’s all the mirrors going along the room, and it is so long, and they all have beautiful views really big windows of the of the garden how beautiful is the roasting it’s not appearing in the camera it’s just a nori, and it doesn’t show you how big it is this there has to be at least fifty chandeliers, and yet how the wool is lined with mirrors we just found Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, and it is pretty much all bowed as you can see the Wolves will go in, and this is her bed. So code everything is going back downstairs now to go check out those Gardens that was very cool to say. But very proud it was in extremely crowded.

So it was hard to see it really we try balancing the venture every Wolves got something on it incredible. But it make a website now, and you needed a special ticket to get into the garden. So we can’t go in, and see it. But it’s okay. Because we are very tired we’ve been cycling around for now almost nine hours. So I think the time. So I think it’s time to catch a train back to Paris, and now that that train station is now open or we can buy our tickets to Prague.

So we’re gonna go there on the way home, and fingers crossed we can get those tickets we’ll see what happens about that, I’m so glad we managed to visit that apparently that is the second most visited site in Paris, and we went to the first which was not red arm yesterday. So we’re doing pretty well yeah it’s so handy to skip the lines I mean if you’re only here in Paris for four days, and you spend most of the lining up to see a few of the sides it it’s probably gonna ruin mostly a holiday. So it is it’s helpful you know cool. But thank you king louis xiv having us, and now heading home come sleep me too oh yeah totally forgot to say we changed retails for the last time in Paris, and look how close we are to the Eiffel Tower we’ve seen at the McCue something Center Paris to me let me literally that’s it there that’s our hotel there okay pick room to a big double bed yeah just got a nice TV, and look at Jen oh. But I think we might end of log now guys we are I think we have two tools tomorrow I like it it’s like an Eiffel Tower on the walls. But thanks for reading guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye I don’t think we’ve ever been to a hotel where the minibar is free I was just wanting to get a drink, and I was trying to see the prices, and then I couldn’t see them I called them up. But she was like they’re free.

So I think, I’m gonna be drinking all the drinks tonight, and we also have an espresso machine which is also free to use as well which, I’m loving at the moment I’ve never really been to hurry tales that have this, and this year I have and, I’m loving it anyway let’s go again I had to tell them cuz, I’m so amazed that the minibar was briefed by the IGN bye.

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