The Depositio Martyrum

AGNES d.250. The Depositio martyrum is the first document to mention the cult of S.Agnes at Rome, on the Via Nomentana, 21 January.

In 337 351 a basilica was built near the tomb, next to the socalled mausoleum of St. Constantia, actually that of the founder of the basilica, Constantina.

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The Depositio Martyrum

Ambrose De virg.

I, 2, Damasus Ferrua, Epigr.damas. N.

71 and Prudentius Perist. 14 give conflicting versions of her martyrdom, agreeing only on her age she had just reached puberty and on the double merit of the young saint, virgin and martyr. With Peter, Paul and Lawrence, Agnes is a patron of Rome.

The passions in Latin BHL 156 and Greek BHG 145-6 are romanticized. A cemetery developed around the tomb; many glass works in gold depict her. Her cult traveled to Africa Aug. Serm.

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