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Kamil really morning in southern england given your it is not or there will be absolutely art while I was actually been on this trip.

So, I’ll quickly show you just in case you guys are wanting to do it a Southwest road trip here in the UK let’s see alright this do you guys in a sense of direction London is over here we started it all the way in Bristol, and that’s why we picked up the town to that, and in that day we picked it up, and then we headed to bath, and that’s where it was crazy busy. So I recommend if you want to go to buy us don’t go on a Saturday afternoon during summer school holidays. But yeah. So we drove down to Bath, and then we spent the night in New Forest. So we drove right down here, and this is like a big national park we spent the night new friends a bunch of count events all around here like that you can see up, and in the morning we drove down first along the coast, and this is called the Jurassic Coast, and we drove down here, and stopped off in durdle door which, I’m guessing it around here somewhere we stopped there in the morning, and then we kept driving along the coast until we hit Lyme Regis which is at really cute town with a little Pascal beach hut. So we went there, and then we decided to do the big old drive all the way down to Cornwall which is all the way down here we’re staying in red roof. So pretty much pretty much one of the most southwest points of the UK how’d you post this moment a little bit of off-roading ready this is any climatic whoa what I feel like that was added by Matt it was difficult got me Kosta coffee got radio on on, and I think we’ve just crossed 800 miles driven oh my god a lot no let me do the translation two kilometers we go see how far we’ve driven let’s get going alrighty guys we’ve just come to our first stop of the day in the Cornwall area is really known for having fishing villages they’ve come down to one yes oratorical Stations of ie this little number arc here comes a heart attack, and we’re going to go for a little stroll around all I can hear the seagulls they sound safe like someone’s got them on loudspeaker.

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Because in Australia, I’ll see you’re not that vocal, and not that big our chest plastic telephone box I see them everywhere, and we’re a little obsessed in them I feel like this flower shop is not keeping to their own rules. So you’ve made it into the little Harbor, and we found a walkaway that you want to go on to just enough to do a bit of a jump my favorite stops on, and everything well she does yeah hopefully we can get back to ties not too high okay okay ready ah pretty cool set. But we haven’t been to Ireland yet. But if we have any Irish viewers let us know is this kind of what your Coast land looks like oh my goodness wow that is so cool Jess you have to run, and they have to do the scene from Hobbiton from da bird let’s go on an adventure oh wow cool just like bullring, I’m sure you can tell. But it is James, and the Giant Peach cloud is heading our way, and this is a mudslide already we need to get in, and out, and also before that tide it’s like 10 past 10:00 in the morning I feel like I know 11 onwards you probably can’t come do this route yeah doesn’t lie to me – hi-yah you want to assume in the cold water which I feel like we might have to do to get out of here well we shouldn’t plan to come here we just saw like a picture of this place, and like let’s come check it out on the way. But, I’m so glad we did.

But I think I found the best seat in the house once upon a time there was a guy, and he never knew how to behave himself those pajamas Judas Gamson okay Manny laughing it had better than a Vera Hardy Jackie’s never what about him just need to die he always sort of Sherpa Neverland usually don’t was down a little sad they’ll manage your sorrow cry no big game operates over the rat ta never goes out for the biggest rival boys than you are guys, and this is why I love the drawing. Because, I’ll just taking it back in, and I still have this crazy fisherman just on the side, and I wouldn’t have even known he was here see if I can find him it’s just down here that’s so beautiful here oh there is I found you missed that this many really yeah jump yeah it is wow this is grass just checking how high the tide is before we head back see if we have to find another route guys we took too long how is that it’s now 10 40 series our favorite socks off yeah he’s a trooper, I’m still here. But Nellie they’re Bob’s to do that my turn now the grim guys mean you settle this argument this is the proper way to do it I don’t understand that way. But Steve we’re about to go through Devon I feel like we should go have the morning tea I will try it the Devon way with the cream, and the jet. So we’re going before I don’t get it why would you want to put the jam on top this is how you do it cream on top guys we have just had the big scone debacle of 2018 after seeing that sign I was like Steve we have to go, and try scones in Devon. So we drove all the way to Devon to have Devon charity to have dinner tonight exactly, and we wanted to have the whole cream tea experience with the cream on the bottom of the jam or top like everyone raised on about to go to Devon’s we’ve come to like a really big town called Exeter Exeter Parker went to six cafes none selling scones they’re all selling the tea part. But not the Devonshire part.

So Lucy we need to get it. So now we’ve pulled up at a waitress parking lot this is how desperate Reata to have scones in Devon we went on bought it’s just add to the debacle even this adds to the darker we this is the only clotted cream they sold, and it’s Cornish clotted cream clotted cream it’s not even from Devon it’s from Cornwall what we have. But we do find Scotland and, I’m very excited. Because they are still turnitin them, and that is exact where I like it, and we did buy some Jam and. So now we’ve done it this way by the way mmm what does it taste like having it that way trying to different one this is the way we have it at home what do you reckon taste that up. But that’s the Cornish way I like the corner don’t let the Devon people hear you say that. So now we’re having hash tag van life Devonshire scones in the back of our car in a white truth parking lot the things we do we were craving it alright even got a Google Maps Gloucester next got our Radio one Alice is going to be on soon, and we all go there’s a girl on the radio called Alice, and we love her anyway we are off to the console see you Devon shame we couldn’t try your 7 try a 7 chatty well, I’m glad we’re not on that battered as traffic as we going on a full story long go pretty much I’ve been dealing with always on this side we have a lovely beautiful summer’s day and, I’m over this side we have as they’re being plowed for me evil reign of James where are we arrived after quite the day of driving we’ve come to a place called the time.

Because officially this is the last night of the honeymoon. So rather containing Leon we thought we’d come to the English countryside we need to say in a beautiful mansion look at this place hi how’s your daddy down here alright yeah we are amazing Cornwall oh yeah we did a long time yeah alrighty guys this is like an accommodation we’ve never stayed up before we’re so excited one of always dreamed of staying at where they a lot of times in the UK they’ll buy houses, and they’ll renovate them, and turn them into like little houses, and you’re like very cute mansions this is where we’re going to be staying for the night. Because we’re actually on an estate. So this is where everyone stay over there is like the reception, and stuff like that you should walk down the road to go to the restaurant. Because really it’s huge. So let’s show you this building that’s a little sneak peek inside their honeymoon gold when we’ve left a really nice light for the last oh yeah it’s a little entrance hole every door in the bedroom like this we converted it into two bedrooms this is what’s a living area. So if we were to giant high places.

So this is like almost like the Tea Room you can come, and just relax, and one winter with that on there would be just. So toasty got little paintings on here it’s so English it is so English just to end the whole English part of the honey saying that people like other events, and weddings you said I could go wow look at this oh my goodness this like window is huge like an event yeah let’s go stairs the top of the house of the mansion are obviously boy that outfit is like an old English mansion just out there words where the events room in this is after you’re in like what we call like the cubby oh yeah there any uranium I actually haven’t seen a youth or. But, I’ll get in the bag you go action it’s so cute Oh like wow that is so cool this place is huge what we’re in like an a-frame well very cool I got a cute little cubby window, and you look really cool I feel like some little dogs you need to bring me apple pie oh just to give you guys a view the courtyard out there, and then you screw up to the left well this estate is huge you know that’s the road we came down here your bathtub, I’m in the shower down here, and it’ll be pilot, I’ll let you have a look yeah it’s like wearing like a little a frame oh my goodness this place I can’t get over it six are good, and to end it without some dinner reservations for seven. Because we have to have some like honeymoon reservations and, I’m going to jump into that bar maybe there you have a bit of a relaxed couple hours of dinner this is the end for the area yeah we should we have a bit of sunshine one the sunshine we don’t have rain that’s us resorted to what music is that hey something try, and make you feel at all Stephen is currently auntie Judy oh my goodness they smell good, and and not wall duty homemade ah homemade cookie I think, I’ll have mine in my teeth, and a bath is being drawn ready to relax after a very long day of driving alrighty we’re going to go, and try, and find the restaurant like we said this estate is huge. So if they told this is a hundred yards whatever yard is I got you saying we noticed with the road trip is that we didn’t expect the UK to be in yards, and miles, and this is like it’s only half a mile unlike to me that’s you know in my head, I’m thinking half kilometres like that nothing, and then like half a mile Oh why’s it taking.

So long there’s one thing that I didn’t expect that I can be UK I ordered it in meeting also this is the road we’ve got a cute little puppy taking guard of this house, I’m pretty sure it’s up here it’s actually such a quiet neighborhood. But this is it this is the Swan. So we’re having dinner tonight look at the vines have just taken over the entire building alone perfect looks great thanks who is big news very big news lost their honeymoon with which means, I’m allowed ginger beer, and I just had its nest a little bit of a tight, and I think I found in a good replacement what we seen is like a healthy versions like no artificial sweeteners flavoring or preservatives music on the brand they want to get it this is the bad boy area it shouldn’t be as good on the way down a little bit of us a little bit of fish this is a bit of an upgrade on the waitress party we’re other couple that share. But there are ones out there that don’t like sharing. But that’s the best I admit not being a couple it’s being able to get two different flavors in a time such a relaxing night I wish we could stay here for the weekend that was the perfect ending to the honeymoon and, I’m so upset that has to end now, and today’s our last day in the UK back to work tomorrow. But can’t complain. Because the next place are going to for work it’s pretty cool I’ve never been there before pretty you need to be yeah I haven’t talked to anyone who’s been there never be nothing one person go there they loved it.

But I haven’t seen like any posts or anything there. So, I’m excited to go, and show you guys this very exciting. But now we often yes, I’ll tell you guys yesterday property’s huge. So that’s where we stayed up the manor there is a church there, and there’s massive hall I got a sneak peek of the hall yesterday it kind of looks like the Harry Potter hall where they have like the grand ballroom where they eat reckless we’ll show you guys now it looks amazing morning Leon have to take you back today as well love it awesome thank you so much for. So many change should be surgery from okay the elves in the kitchen have it delivered I’ve gotten myself just the cutest looking pancakes with some little flowers on there just as God for we’re going to be the boring breakfast option approach eggs, and salmon, and this is the best tasting granola will like nibble another by the way we just casually thing the giant lobster behind you alrighty let’s give Leon one more spin as we take her back we’ll take him back feel like he’s a Bobby hello Mike Ford you’re so cute we’re dropping on Glee Olaf back it is back at his house, and look there’s other Leon Leon brothers on a little peepee well this one looks. So cool oh I don’t know if you can see it’s all wood Steve you need to have a peek at Leon’s brothers they’re very cool a certain other one down there too they’re so cool this trip has made me want to convert a campervan. So bad have a look at that Steve it’s so cool what do you think Steve’s 2018 converter our camp event are you up for the job partly what all righty guys it is now four in the morning we’re going to catch a flight don’t be my.

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