The Castle Mosque

The Castle Mosque: The Castle Mosque which is in the central part of the Castle is built on the foundations of an older mosque. It is believed to have been built in the XVIth century. The roof consists of a single dome supported by four walls. The main entrance has a frieze around it. Long and thick bricks were used in the construction. The Reservoir: Alanya is a city of cisterns (or reservoirs). Many houses within the Castle are still provided with cisterns. The Mecduddin Cistern between the Aksebe Mosque and the Bedesten within the Middle Castle is a remarkable one. This cistern which is fed with rain water is still in use, and many houses within the Inner Castle obtain their water from it. Through an opening on the top there are steps going down. Although this cistern has no inscriptions, it is probable that it was built by Karamanoglu MecLiddin Mah-mut, one of the Beys of Alanya. The present inscription by Alaeddin Keykubat I was a later addition. The Palace: Sultan Keykubat’s palace was within the walls on the highest part of the hill. Remains of this palace can still be seen today. The Church: There is a small single-domed Byzantine church close to the palace. A corridor links the dome and the entrance.

Remains of frescoes representing the lives of the Saints can be seen on the interior walls. of the Tower is a large reservoir which is at present filled with rubble. This Tower is unique in possessing such a water system. The top of the tower was originally covered with a conical roof. Water was drained from this roof into the reservoir by means of special drain-pipes built on the roof. A small door in the western part of the Second Floor leads to the top of the adjoining Castle and its fortresses. The Shipyard: There is a Seljuk shipyard consisting of 5 compartments within the Coastal Walls to the south of the Red Tower.

This unique work of art, where bootmakers still build sailingboats, is over 700 years old. Its walls are built of hard stone blocks, and its arches and domes of brick. It has an entrance 2.50 x 1.60 meters built of marble, above which is an inscription written in the Seljuk style. There is a room on each side of the entrance, the one on the left being the guard room, while the one on the right served as the mosque for the shipyard. This entrance leads to the first compartment of the shipyard. Each of the five compartments of the shipyard is 7.70 meters wide and 42.30 meters long. There are wide arched doors

The Castle Mosque Photo Gallery

The Castle Mosque Photo Gallery

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