Hey everybody how you guys doing today this is it we’re revealing everything I can’t believe it it is like quarter to 1:00 in the morning in Singapore this is not where I had participated to tell you guys how to jump on 11 hour flight where we’re going to do, and what I want to do is you guys have to try, and guess where you think the wedding is, and all your guesses, I’m going to ride on here I’ve got the list I don’t believe I don’t use the top 10 I think one two three four five six yes this is our top 10 list of places that we could be getting married goodbye Singapore next stop it is like order to 1:00 in the morning in Singapore this is not where I anticipated to tell you guys about to jump on 11 hour flight where we’re going to degree you don’t agree that is where we are getting married, I’m so excited that you guys finally know thank you for sticking with us it’s know anybody now we need to check in, and get ready for Lotus fly down about one flight ahead of us there it is you guys can see it already guy. So when screwed heard that we’re getting married in Greece they actually invited us to go on their very first flight their novice life to Greece literally this life hasn’t flown there yet which is super exciting. But who can say that jumps on an airline to their very first flight it’s really good.

THE BIG REVEAL Where is Getting MARRIED Photo Gallery

Because it’s super affordable to get to Greece especially from Australia, I’m pretty sure my sister mom dad just like everyone is flying there on screw yeah it’s like the cheapest way to get to Europe from Australia which is so awesome to Australia it’s so far away from anywhere to be able to like find a cheap way of getting around it’s awesome yeah, and you fluid them last night to get here can recommend them yeah it’s really good night with them look narrower forgive a living a flight in. So long I sure do yeah oh okay I like that one two three okay being on the very first slide is more fundamental in any event it’s a big event asta gave us free hacker and, I’m pretty sure if stone Best Dressed they get they return flights. But people which is kind of fun. But, and we can speak thank you that was actually such as super fun like I finally made it thank you so much related, I’m tired welcome to greets everyone in the real sleep I’ve had in the last 30 peace out, I’m a mister phlogiston pieces hostel I prefer really fun honestly I enjoy that like so much. Because the staff just up in Greek attire is different like Greek gods, and people started getting, and we need prizes they gave itself food like that having effective sunrise at the same time as well I think they gave away a free flight to someone it was just a really fun. But those 10 hours they went super quick not a pervert okay Lisa came guys I feel like such an adult we were looking at like prices to get into the city, and it was like 40 euros which is crazy, and then we turned up it’s 50 euros to rent a car closer feel like extra adults, and everyone in Greece drives like American. So I went to jump into the car, and that’s the wrong side this is going to be fun I can’t remember the last time that I drove on the wrong side of the road this is our grief car tour we’re just a little one.

Because it’s just for the one night that we need the car could we fly out tomorrow oh man the house are called again, I’ll hang over the jet lag the jacket lag is real it is real we’re in Greece with we’ve just arrived at our hotel with center after the center square retail rating it for one night oh you might need to put that in oh yeah oh there we go dude it’s here for a night we literally links more oh five, and then just grab this place right in the middle of everything and, I’m there you go three wow this is nice, and then we’re literally just in oh wow we can see the Acropolis that’s the first time we’ve seen almost so much bigger in person Wow camera look smaller oh wow that’s so cool you feel agree Wow hi okay that is a really nice yes is like okay no problem everyone we should Greece for the wedding. But it’s a Stevenson my life number one. But at least place like Emma we’ve never told you guys. Because it was always going to be the destination for our wedding yeah we. So excited me here where’s our bathroom giving me back into us alright today I am going to go with shout oh yeah I think I might even have a bath wow it’s like a small little Greek bathtub it is so small well there’s we get ready you sure you guys around area cuz we are literally in like the hub of Athens right I just can’t believe we’re done here is amazing okay that’s why you cook this place is for that view I’ve got my wide angle on I promise it looks so much closer than in person. But we freshened up, and we needed some great food we are sliding I think we got some falafel I found a place called bollocked fellows also we’re right in the center these are the local markets just you want to get like any fresh fruit or veggies or anything like this always bustling with locals got a really cool vibe to it a little bit of greaser for you guys we wouldn’t be in Greece if there wasn’t over 10 different olives that you can buy here that’s cool yes, I’ll just have seen in the hotel room we never told you guys the Greece of was it poppin now amazing thank you it is number one another bucket list.

But we always just kind of hit that secret. Because if we put it on the lid you guys were found out straightaway as the guy says amazing we thought of coming here for our honeymoon, and then we thought let’s just get married here. But we are getting married on one of the islands not getting married, and absence, I’m really hungry let’s go get it think about these spices smell amazing that’s the new word amazing nature I don’t only Greek song. So when the moon hits your eyes I think we found a beautiful lane way here, and there are times down here falafel fellows Wow do you think it’s like a Catholic Church. So it is a church a really beautiful Church the Greek Orthodox Church true some electoral food in such a beautiful Greek Street I can’t get over to Euro 80. So I gotta sell it to. So cheap it is so yummy it’s so cool how it affects families yep yeah just sitting here adding seemed super popular people just eat in from here mhm you need to try this guys you need to come here almost finished it that sort of all the salad does that count as a healthy salad hmm it does I don’t know I think we found Jessa’s first love can you hold up to after the wedding though oh yeah we’ll come back oh yeah why I feel. So good to be back in Europe if you’ve ever been to Europe before you know that feeling it is so different to like the Americas or to Asia I think it’s the old buildings mixed in with. So many different languages, and I like Italian German I mean, and yeah this is such a different feel it feels. So good to be in your Rivoli in fact Europe for almost two years year, and a half it just feel good also we are only here on PN as another layover we fly out tomorrow morning at I am at five M. But again mostly we are like such little sleep. But I do feel energized or if my sister is lying here like this D is flying here next weekend, and that’s when we’re going to go take you guys around.

So we’re going to leave Athens go exploring for we come back to Athens, and then we’re going to go show you guys the Acropolis Olympia all the funds are also for this one’s come out right now below get anything you suggest we do while we’re here in Athens perfect yet this post will be out on Fridays which colors you guys something to do we may or may not have just had a falafel nap waffle nap from the falafel wrap by the way does the result of trying to get the Singapore clog up for you guys even though, I’m currently on cycle suite from the last 48 hours visit it is exporting, and I can’t believe it is 7:30, and this is how bright it is in Athens at the moment you want to sleep for the sunset that’s crazy talk also it’s been like sunsets at 5 o’clock in Perth. So this is absurd, and our body clock is currently what time I don’t even go like a midnight, and I don’t you mean I just can’t believe we can see the Acropolis can’t wait one week one week, and we will see you close up whoa we can talk it earlier look at the sunset wow this looks. So beautiful one of the highest buildings how did we not come up here earlier sorry pretty. So probably the best view we’ve had of Athens. So far. So so nice guys what an end to our first day.

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