Oh you this Cajun one song is Saturday morning during the 25th 2018 from Paris France we just woke up getting up this morning was kind of tough it was a little hard getting up it’s really hard.

Because it’s a just about 8 o’clock, and that’s too AM America time. So we have our coffee nice espresso if you’re new to the blog this is your first time reading these posts, and you like what you’re seeing comment we’re going to be in France for 10 days Paris for four days, and then off to another town outside of Paris, and then to Mont saint-michel for the star of the Tour de France on our last two days Bonjour uh five minutes it looks like it is going to be a nice day today it was supposed to rain. But it looks like the Sun is coming out. But I just want to say a big thank you to the French Tourism Board for sending us out here on this trip to experience the culture in France we’ve been here almost 24 hours, and we don’t want to go back I just Paris is that one place in the world where there is just so much culture, and the food, and the people or driver just got here now, I’ll actually pan down the show you guys what, I’m looking at right down there. So we’re gonna head out, I’m gonna have one more coffee, and let’s go lunch off well, I’ll counter no I’ve never been on the helicopter scary just from that one that we found right here, I’m excited I’ve always wanted to go on a helicopter.


I like that a lot makes it very simple today we are going on a helicopter ride over in Paris this is our ride today all right ask agent one song what song we just landed in a field outside of her SIA well you know I landed right why it was overheating you think. So it’s me said oh I hear that 700 degrees, and it should be closer to like 500 degrees or stopping here’s an airplane taking off we are just in a random airfield outside of Paris hanging out bodies ahead say that all the airfields force we get people, and the we are able to seven or eight school if you want run for the license over the forty hours, and you can be a pilot already our yeah for showers it strictly the same words as the I didn’t know that this is all civilian. So we have a lot of students yeah you know it’s weird that it’s like 4:00 a.m. in the States right now in New York it doesn’t feel like it though doesn’t that’s something that will wake you up in the morning getting on a helicopter for coffee how copter or coffee all right here we go back to Paris that was pretty badass when we got off from the blades were still spinning like something out of an action movie yeah it is there’s not as windy as I was expecting wasn’t that Wendy that was such an experience though first time on a helicopter in France would you ever think he’d be in France on a helicopter we just jumped on the train, and we’re heading to the Paris office of tourism we just stopped off at the tourism office we picked up some Metro tickets, and we’re walking now to a hotel to grab some lunch a little bit lost are we lost see when I lost it all Jessica knows the way she has cell service here. So we have the good old Google Maps you know the way or look at this beautiful dog.

I was delicious I was amazing we just had lunch at this hotel, and I had some chicken, and vegetables, and then the dessert we had strawberry just had this it was like a strawberry cream type of dessert strawberries inky delicious I feel very good right now it’s focused on the fern now it’s focused on the delicious Eclair look at this right here are you ready for this Jessica yes, and Sophie you should have seen it just his face when we picked up this Eclair oh hi in the mirror. Because I wanted to get eclairs from this place for a long time like that since the last time we went to Paris which was 2018 I just never had a chance to come over to like the spot where they have these, and lookit there’s like Sparkle can I get a shot of that how’s it taste like heaven we’re back at the apartment now having a little siesta our mid-afternoon espresso we’ve been drinking so much coffee here we’ve been having three maybe four cups a day. But I feel like there’s so many cafes, and there’s so many people drinking coffee, and especially if you love coffee it’s like you can’t come to Paris, and not drink coffee wow. So beautiful we are shooting behind the scenes for a cool France post called France post yeah you know I could you know you know how did the travel posts after each trip I like to make those little kind of posts oui Monsieur oui Monsieur oui Monsieur that’s right oui oui Mademoiselle believe my genius boy no no we Oh Wi-Fi sure hit me can I have one please si will play Oh merci look at these we come to France, and we bring American candy you can’t this one I see you in a better mood I was just editing the post we were kind of hanging out, and in the first half of yesterday’s post this one was so traveled out, and hangry, and first they first full day in France, and the life has come back into you this is just.

So breathtaking this is if I had to pick the ultimate apartment like apartment goals this place we’re about to head out we’re going to a museum that’s right by the Eiffel Tower we make it that was very tough. Because our French is very bad. Because the slide is pointed somewhere, and then it’s it was locked off. But we just ran into a viewer who saw the Martinique posts. Because she’s member to me very hopeful yeah she like told us where one time I have Hey she was very nice very good things to say already we’re going to dinner now cool here we go boss what oh my gosh look at this view that is amazing huh it doesn’t even look real it looks like a painting. But then I know there’s that soccer ball here, I’ll zoom in on that there’s that soccer ball hanging right in the middle kind of ruins it don’t you think this is so beautiful you can see.

So far from this rooftop we’re at the restaurant now, and we didn’t really look up the place before we came we are very very underdressed, I’m wearing a t-shirt Jessica here is wearing a jeans I also have that macaroon Oh lemon bean I mean everyone else here is wearing Blazers, and two jackets. But make for funny story right now it’s 9:45, and the Sun is still out I feel like the days in Paris you know people stay late or you have dinner later just. Because the Sun doesn’t go down till 10:00 p.m.. Because in New York it sets that it sets at 8:30 in New York like that’s the longest it gets to in the summer, and here it’s almost 10 o’clock at night in the Sun still out we just left the nice restaurant, and we’re walking down by the river, and the number one thing you told me this this is the best thing to do in Paris we’re gonna just go there now not gonna tell you we’re gonna show you oh yeah we had this before I’ve never had this before this is the best thing to do you know what I mean like even like we did a lot of cool stuff today like the helicopter ride the museum the rooftop. But by far I think this is the best don’t you agree, and this stuff is so good let’s get a little close-up on this it’s very good it’s tequila beer I dare you we’re gonna stay here, and finish these beers, and hang by the river if you guys like today’s post get the post a thumbs up, and leave us a comment down below if you’ve ever gone down to the Sun, and had some beers late at night on a Saturday in Paris forgot that in the post. So until tomorrow smile more worry less live your passion drunk confession was it drunk how many people have had a drink before reading once ordering reading this that’s a good one that’s a really good case. Because, I’m like okay how many people are sitting at your wine reading like I do you know okay now the post is really done by everyone.

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