We’re a little bit obsessed morning ah morning everyone it’s our like second last day here in Paris, and yeah we’re going on to tours today with Fat Tire tours first of all we’re going to do a day cycle tour you saw we did the night one. But this one takes us on a different kind of route, and then tonight we’re going to be going up the Eiffel Tower which we’re so excited to do yes let’s go let’s go morning honey all righty now we’re all just a get out some is barely outside I don’t always would stores which is leading us love is all we have a trust yeah no I don’t know.


So we’re going to fast forward away from King Louis the 14th 15th, and 16th which is all the history seemed to be learning about, and we go fast forward to to World War two. So this building here is the military school. So this is where people like Napoleon graduated at the age of 16, and started come on in his armies. But we go to World War 2 this building here is where the final kind of push to end the war. So that’s where the Nazis were held up, and that’s where they push through stormed it kind of end of the war, and you can even see back there is there’s bullet holes in the walls. Because it was such a final big push at the end of the war Oh. So we just did a loop, and we’re just cycling through the neighborhoods, and there’s some sheep, and Rams just cutting the grass that go in around these walls to create a song the life cycling is one of the best ways to see Paris it’s so easy there’s so many bike lanes, and then you can go to like monument monument I really I really think it’s a great way to see Paris cycling is like a really easy way to see Paris like there’s so many bike lanes makes it we can look at Matt, and like across all the places you want to see, and it’s all psycho boo is that a word number see the horizon mm this is the iconic Paris love bridge where a lot of proposals, and wedding photographs happen featured in a lot of movies as interesting was this bridge when it was built was the first bridge in the world to have working electricity.

So Thomas Edison came, and worked on the bridge to make sure the light bulbs worked. But yeah if you’ve ever seen romantic movies in Paris that’s usually the bridge that they feature this like a an art exhibition going on for moments we’ve got like this maze which is colored, and then, I’m not too sure that it is. But kind of like this cube yet when our walking through the Royal Gardens if we’re going to go find a little caffeine have a cheeky coffee not a cafe a fringe gap it hopefully it can be follows that in the shipping container is a very small French cinema it’s about 14 people I work here sitting at a cafe in the gardens is a really cute little cafe just here hello hello, and our view here is of the gardens, and there’s all our bikes, and then we have beautiful buildings all around us it’s so beautiful about halfway through the tour now yep this is our little rest stop fountain over there as well I love all the trees they’re so like autumn II we’re a last stop which of course is the art you we destruct our bikes up at the shop. So we’ve come into a store to get some lunch between our two us, and we’re thinking going to a baguette again seeing as we are in Caesar in France yeah that’s good oh you’ve got a big trolley yeah no. But they’re good size I like it in every song we love the food we literally just walked in, and there’s already croissants, I’m finding it a little bit difficult to shop when everything’s in French I wanted to get conditioner, and it didn’t say like the really conditioner on anything, and I was having to squeeze it out to have a look we’re trying to work out, I’m not too sure if France does Tamara doodles, and there are go to dinner if I won’t be cheap. But we’re trying to work out what to get are we gonna buy get that’s literally all we got is a big get in conditioner we’re gonna get some super conditioner have some cheese oh no it’s hard to choose, and I’ve got a lot of alcohol in here hmm got jams ended up getting some baguettes cheese tomato drinks juice chips oh well rounded diet yeah, and Oreos I haven’t had these in. So long that’s amore.

So we have a nice little picnic in our hotel room, and chill out chill out show up like two hours, and then we have to go up the Eiffel Tower we go to right to the top we have a seat the line pass with that tightness, and we get to steep that two-hour line, and go right up to the top this is definitely been at the top of my bucket list for. So long sorry it’s gonna be really cool to do it there you began, I’m picnic on a bed he’s your baguette oh my goodness that looks. So good. So French it’s a run Oh Cheers that was the most French cheese you’ve ever seen mm-hmm, and the latest welcome your name. So this thing Chewbacca’s haha all the stations here are all in French, and we’re not too sure what to put on. So we keep just putting Disney blog on. Because it’s really entertaining to watch in French as you can see we are reading some type of Disney post there in French, and I think, I’ll say just before if all French people just watched October posts they would never know like what Johnny Depp sounds like as Jack Sparrow it’s the French guy who Jerry I wonder if he puts on tries to put the voice on the bay put on if you guys live in a country where you watch dub posts are the dubbed artists famous like do you do yeah or was it just unknown face I don’t think interesting question you know that one is like yes, I’m so glad that jean de Lorean divorcing ya still can’t get over the get listen without their alrighty guys been out on our way to go up the Eiffel Tower we’re nice, and full up for all that forget eating, and we’ve just had a coffee, and we are ready for the night it was currently five o’clock, and now we meet at 5:15.

But singers were. So close to the Eiffel Tower we got to have a little rest in our room we didn’t have to leave early which was nice. But yes now, I’m going elevator let’s go as we go on the wrong way the towels there oh we better go get our tickets better you guys be without to an hour, and we actually have little headphones here where we can hear information from our guide who’s at the front be on our way to the Eiffel Tower now let’s go alright here we go this is like ticking off such a big bucket list item right yes go to the top of the Eiffel Tower oh, I’m so excited we go all right we’re on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, and there are three floors. So not all the way at the top we will be going up there yes, and it’s really interesting, I’ll show you how to fill my god like the elevator starts on like a cable car, and then goes up is if you noticed the bottom of the tower yeah. So it’s cool chantek like Otis of course make all the elevators, and others who started Earth’s, and help – it was scary it’s super long beautiful look at that this is an amazing view this isn’t even better than the nor – damn now we’re not even at the top yet see for any halfway all righty guys we’re going to make our way to the top. But those lines until this room people know that we have to wait. But it’s worth away yeah yes you have to wait in a line at the bottom to get to the second floor, and then you need to be in another layer to get to the top.

Because it stopped turning over 200 people this area he can hold like nineteen eighteen hundred he all together yeah there is a little alien people. Because it’s gone yeah under the tops is eighty minutes, and then we’re going to go all the way up, and they are the Eiffel Tower is currently flushing with us on it do you see the sparkles they built they put it in for the Millennium Sophia the year 2000, and then every hour on the hour armed 8 o’clock to watch it flashes, and they’ll saying that like they can change the color. So I for breast cancer awareness they made a pink all night, and then when Nelson Mandela died they did this other thing in play that’s so cool look at it it was really pretty to see it live from the bottom next one’s ours we’ve made it to the top. So hi glad, I’m the time we came as we get it during the day, and the night yes the Sun pretty much set as we waited to come up here oh you can see the UM thought arch thing it’s chilly sorry pretty wow you can really see how the streets in the cemetry like the lights or the symmetry. But look at the Wow power is giving off oh my gosh haha mighty guys are getting down, and of motherless kick it deep to get ticked it off take the Eiffel Tower off the lip all righty guys we’re now down the Eiffel Tower is shining away, and we’re thinking of ending the night with some crepes what do you think guys crepes right from right I know we haven’t tried crepes here I try pancakes, and croissants, and they were both delicious. So now it’s time to try the crepes, and how beautiful is this come on that is amazing here we go found our creep cafe whoo here we go things that are make us some crepes some Crippen, I’m gonna go finish Ella module mom Oh YUM I feel like this is the best flavor dude yeah sissy thank you we couldn’t go to France your cake frames this is the purple way to end our night in Paris we’ve got crepes we got the Eiffel Tower, and company. So yeah this is our last night in Paris tomorrow night we are heading on a night train to Prague to start a nine-day trip with a company, and they’re going to be taking us around to different countries for nine days which is going to be really really fun yes yeah I think we’ll end it here and, I’m sure this is going to be another long post I think all the paths along yeah I apologize.

But I hope you enjoyed them we loved it this has been one of the best trips we’ve done. So far I love all our travel for our 7 years yeah good run, and short is already much about demise yes the only thing huh I wish that I saw was a proposal mmm we never stopped I was always looking out for them. But didn’t get to see one. But, I’m sure many happened to you while we were here. But um for those of you asking we’re already engaged people nothing. But, I’m goodnight guys, and we will see tomorrow bye.

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