The Best Vego and Vegan Food for Travellers in Melbourne

Vegetarian and vegan food is very much a mainstay in Melbourne’s culinary circuit. Read on to discover a few of our local favourites.

Melbourne’s track record for amazing vegetarian and vegan food makes it the ideal place to enjoy fresh produce prepared in highly creative ways.

The Best Vego and Vegan Food for Travellers in Melbourne Photo Gallery

If you’re just not in the mood to cook quality vego food at home – perhaps those haloumi burgers are looking like a bit too much work – then these eateries offer some of the best vegetarian and vegan food in Melbourne.

Madame K’s Vegetarian

A cosy space in Fitzroy contains Madame K’s, a vegan restaurant serving up a huge variety of Asian food. The menu features dishes from around Asia replete with mock meats, with tasty morsels like dumplings and mock chicken satay skewers accompanying heartier meals like laksa.

Although Madame K’s doesn’t have alcohol on the menu, BYO of both beer and wine is available – we recommend finding something interesting in the nearby specialty liquor store to enjoy with your meal!

Transformer Fitzroy

Transformer is a vegetarian restaurant and bar located in a beautifully converted electrical transformer warehouse located in Fitzroy. In addition to the highly modern industrial interior, Transformer boasts an experimental menu that pushes the envelope of what vegetarian and vegan food can be.
With a menu that seeks inspiration from Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean fare, a series of highly unusual cocktails rounds out the range of innovative plant-based food on offer, promising an evening of challenging and intriguing cuisine every time.

Sister of Soul

Sister of Soul is a vegetarian restaurant with a wide variety of vegan options on the menu. Based in St Kilda, Sister of Souloffering a huge variety of plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with very broad appeal, including “Not-tella” – an impressive vegan alternative to Nutella.
As well as providing wholesome and amazing vegetarian offerings, Sister of Soul backs its environmental ethos by diverting what would ordinarily be landfill waste, such as food waste and coffee grounds, into St. Kilda Veg Out Community Gardens on the corner of Chaucer street and Shakespeare Grove to help locals grow remarkable produce.

Shop 225

Shop 225 is a suburban pizzeria in Pascoe Vale South offering up a range of amazing pizzas, many of which have the option to be completely vegan or vegetarian. With woodfired pizzas artfully created from dough that has been proofed for 72 hours, the vegan (and also gluten free!) options are rare selections for the menu of an authentically Italian pizzeria.
A range of pastas and salads round out the selection to appease any fussy vegetarian or vegan lover of traditional Italian cuisine.

Smith and Daughters

Smith and Daughters meld Spanish and Mexican-influenced vegan food with a rock and roll vibe, and the combination works surprisingly well. Brunch options will appeal to many tastes, and include breakfast burritos, doughnuts with a seasonal fruit custard, gazpacho and a classic pan con tomate, a Spanish tomato garlic bread. Dinner options are made up of small and large plates designed to be shared, and include classic fare such as tacos, tamales and croquettas.
Smith and Daughters also boasts a huge cocktail list, a list that carefully and effectively utilises many of the fresh ingredients found throughout the food menu.

Yong Green Food

Also based in Fitzroy, Yong Green Food is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant specialising in raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, and biodynamic food and drinks. Yong focus on eco-friendly methods of food preparation as well as working with organic food suppliers to prepare food that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Raw food is a specialty at Yong – these meals are made of ingredients that are wholly unprocessed and uncooked. Yong’s raw menu features nachos, burgers, a “Rawsagne” and several raw desserts. If you’re interested in seeing what raw food is all about, Yong Green Food is the place to go.

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