The Aspendos Theatre Map

The Theater: The theater, which is built on the eastern slope of the small hill, is the most interesting sight of this ancient city. It is the best preserved theater not only of Pamphylia, but of all Anatolia as well. Like other contemporary theaters, this theater is also divided into three sections. 1.

The Stands: These consist of a semi circular amphitheater built of stones on the slope of the hill.

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The Aspendos Theatre Map

The amphitheatre is divided Into two sections, lower and upper stands, by a horizontal passage, and is cut lengthwise by radial stairways. The upper part has 18 steps, and the lower part 21.

The stands are surrounded by a gallery which is believed to have been a later addition.

Today there are about fifty porticoes standing. This gallery was built to provide shelter for spectators on rainy days. 2.

The Orchestra: This is the stone paved, semicircular area in front of the stands. 3.The Stage.

This part begins where the Orchestra ends. The back of the stage is like a five-storied apartment. The front part of the stage which is covered with marble reminds us of the facade of

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