The Albany Road Trip

Guys we’ve only been home for like a week, and we’re already itching I think we need to go on a road trip yeah yeah. So going down to Albany it’s 4:00 in half hours away mm-hmm, I’m going down with Ashley, and Heidi. Because fun fact Steven was actually born in South Africa yes, and when he was 10 he moved to Australia one of the first places he lived was Albin II yeah man right Ashley. So, I’m gonna go to you I say Albany.

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Because I like if you asked what’s the best things to do in Perth it’s actually to leave Perth we have the road trip insanely beautiful road trips in Western Australia guys it’s been. So long since we’ve driven this car that um we’ve decided to even better pump up the tires, and fingers crossed nothing goes wrong with the car on the drive so much for our beautiful summer’s day road trip what time you know Benita that’s okay I’ve been driving after three, and a half hours good work on the driving by the road, and if you guys saw that jess has been driving back on the left side of the roads I feel confident in our enough to go. So we’ve stopped for a little shaky snack at this round a place I don’t even know where we are koujun or a place again like someone’s kitchen mom, and grubs kitchen grabs kitchen really wanting a spinach, and ricotta sausage rolls I think we hope. So too – ah yeah it’s such like an Australian road trip thing to do get a sausage roll. So we’re gonna look for a spinach, and ricotta. So we do who makes us eat ramen spinach, and feta I think I found me me great ancestors hairdressing salon a well famous bakery oh you guys have heard of this place, I’m famous also this is what a lot of Australian like small towns look like it’s just a one Street post office world famous bakeries you know the huge, and guys fun fact Australians love their tomato sauce, and we invented these little, I’m pretty sure Australia invented them right we did. So we invented these.

So you know usually you get like little plastic things of tomato sauce any kind of excuse your teeth, and rip the mouth like what you’re good at McDonald’s yeah there’s the least best invention. So you got to sources, and then you just squeeze, and then you can easily put me sauce on. Because we have sausage rolls, and pies such an Australian tradition at the cricket, and the footy if you want to add more squeeze it mom not messy at all. So good also something else we always um miss when we’re not in Australia, and lamingtons here’s me going on about like it’s not being uh messy guys well this is like the biggest Flemington I’ve ever seen you have to explain yeah it’s some sponge cake you can’t even get my mouth it’s sponge cake wrapped in chocolate, and then wrapped in coconut. So it’s really really good, and a road trip tradition. Because there’s so many truck drivers in Australia there’s always such a little like bakeries with pies mm-hmm we’ll see you guys in almani welcome to Alberti yeah I just wanted to apologize for the next post. Because it’s very just gonna be me walking down memory lane for two years only two years a little longer just up this road no the next road looks like farmland very small – I’ve only come in one time it was a years ago like six years ago yeah, and there’s the cinema which is that Rubik’s Cube thing up there there’s only one cinema yeah.

But it’s bigger than that yeah they lived in like a really remote town but. So pretty cause it’s right on the water isn’t it yeah this is sooner we leave town though super windy windy. But beautiful. But pretty remote yes that is big they build like a colles, and everything yeah that’s the road legrand Avenue that’s where my old house used to be done turning yeah. So now we’re going into the main town we like paper in the stomach getaway vacation it’s literally been raining last hour that’s Ashley’s old school guys you just got to like I suppose our combination where we’re saying forgot to totally tell you that Ashley’s mom runs a B&B here in Albany, and it’s in a like it 104 20 year old building. So cute has such a loving cat Oh done Moylan house it guys all coming down to Albany it’s like pretty close to everything, and it is so cute look at the bed like look at our room wait let me come up here yeah look at this I don’t think the cat comes in close.

So oh you probably will see the cat if you do come here. So here’s our room, and we have a balcony, and we’re right in front of the in front of the beach we have a little balcony out here literally you can just walk down to the ocean the town is probably like a five minute walk. But I just love how this room looks I think we’re gonna have fun here yeah hello buddy are you ready to see the gap what. So there’s two places we’re gonna go visit you’ve got the first so much as the gap these are like pretty beautiful natural places here in Albany too bad the weather is it holding up for you guys at least it’s not insanely windy which this place is always. So crazy Whitney. So a little bit a little bit happy with the weather turnout. So far Wow like a new platform er you enjoyed it it looks.

So rubbed up yeah the color the waters. So nice especially out there it’s a beautiful summer’s day I this is like a normal like a normal day yeah the gap we’ve seen it while Ashley was telling us that the water has sprouted out, and gone on to the carpark over there it appears that would be a very cool photo spot though if you’re standing there, I’m surely no one has done it before. So we’re pretty much stained just over there, and then here is the harbor didn’t see him go do like a whale reading tours. But I didn’t realize they built like a new entertainment center, and they got like a nice little cafe here oh no cafe they’ve got a nice little restaurant here called Joo South, and we go for dinner which means we might be having Benson which means the diet is absolutely failed sweet. But when you’re hanging with friends wow this place looks. So nice except if you go where your stripes buddies on Tuesdays we wear stripes superheroes seriously can’t get over the view that this place had that you guys do come to Albany come, and check it out it’s really cool also if you come to Western Australia this is the local ginger beer. But the alcoholic version mesos really nice we had like a calamari never had it before highly recommended some chili says a little bit spicy the ginger beer dinner was so good putting it everything tastes amazing Oh tables Oh actually having having some nice weather today guys I think the storms coming later on today. But at least in the moon we have some blue skies I see just as file under the coffee nice which one did you go for this is what somebody wants to come for breakfast guys I couldn’t resist the waffles you’ve gone for the birch musli she is so playing a game we start the morning off with games, and with thanks to Pete go it’s a Japanese game like even the instructions are in Japanese. So we had to Google a bit of the rules.

But it’s a really fun game really hard to explain they’re really easy to play you can have to like collect such as play sushi cards pretty much it’s very much a slave, and you can only pick one card up, and then you pass it on, and then you get your hand back lights off you hear her in Japan you should be good okay. So we’re gonna go this way as always I lost, and just won yes coming for a bit of a road trip to show you guys some of the beautiful beaches we have in the south come to little beach which is like 45 minutes outside. So you come to a little beach really beautiful we have like turquoise blue waters out here which is so nice. But we’ve only got like 20 minutes before the rain comes luckily we have a little bit of sunshine. Because it’s just meant to pour down for the rest of the day. So this is like a classic Australian Beach of you guys we don’t really have a lot of sand dunes it’s all this Australian fauna, and then you just kind of cut a little path to get you down to the beach Jessa’s getting way too inside. Because you’ve got how beautiful beaches are oh that wind he doesn’t know what’s about to hit him he’s like what are we doing going on an adventure oh boy he go he’s like what’s about to happen oh that’s cold oh yeah jess is trying to drown us go go go go go good is that you probably need to go climb through those rocks there yeah at least you saw it on that side, and then you have to cross over the rocks to a very obvious named tiny be funny meet ya that’s even prettier now just imagine if the Sun was on this this would look even more to it like more turquoise than it is at the moment with our white sandy beaches this guy’s is loving all the adventures like these hat is just way too adorable what was baby chillin time we’ve had over the last two days with Hugo kind of got jealous of all these naps he was having had myself a nap today why did we ever stop doing naps as adults I remember as kids when you’re in school why why did we ever fight that out. But I think we’re heading out to a coffee place. Because there are some cool cafes here in Albany, and after enough.

But I feel like I feel like we’re on holiday at the moment on the nail Vernis it’s been super nice the last day by the way Cheryl Ashley’s mom just has like this insane rose garden in front of a house like she don’t see popular around Valentine’s Day not for long time boys he’ll drink party Sonny wanted the juice though cheers everybody my buddy we’ll see you soon don’t look. So sad see you guys make sure you give it a thumbs up comment if you did that notification bow share with the friends I don’t know what else to do, and little.

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