The Alaeddin Mosque

The Fortresses: Built for the purpose of protecting the shipyard are two fortresses on one of which is an inscription of Alaeddin Keykubat. The Alaeddin Mosque: This mosque is situated behind the shipyard.

It has lost many of its characteristics owing to many repairs and alterations that it has been subjected to through the centuries. The Ak§ebe Sultan Mosque: There is a beautiful small mosque on a dominating slope above , the Bedesten and the famous Mec-duddin Reservoir. This fine mosque was, according to its inscription, built during the reign of Alaeddin Keykubat. It is built of large deep red bricks in the interior, and of stone on the exterior. The dome and the minaret are also built of red brick. It has an entrance on the north side. Only the lower part of the minaret remains today. A second mosque to be used in summer, and a tomb were built beside the Aksebe Sultan Mosque.

The Alaeddin Mosque Photo Gallery

The Alaeddin Mosque Photo Gallery

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