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Moving to Rome and the surrounding area, Marius Victorinus’s statement about his memorizing the creed according to Roman usage and reciting it from a raised place before the whole community remains isolated Aug., Conf. 8,2,5; S. Poque, Au sujet d’une singularit romaine de la redditio symboli: Aug 25 1985 133,135-136. We have more information from papal documents on the celebration of baptism at the time of Easter and Pentecost, according to Roman custom 40 days after enrollment, Thailand Metro Map of preparation for baptism with exorcisms, prayers, fasts Siricius 384-398, Ep. ad Imerium episc. Tarraconensem 385; prebaptismal exorcisms and anointings, three scrutinia Siricius ?, Ep. 10,2,10- 11; basic elements in Leo I, Ep. 16 to the bishops of Sicily PL 54, 702. At Rome in the Tituli, the most original and ancient churches of Rome, the presbyters are the ministers of baptism and of its preparation but are limited to the urban zone Lib.

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