Thailand – Baby Elephants Patara Elephant Farm

Greetings from beautiful tile and, I’m here with GoPro, and adidas to take part, and at I fit challenge where a group of travel postgraphers come together to experience the country through fun, and fit activities part one of our wild adventure takes place at the on entire resort in Chiang Mai where we ventured out of the city to be challenged to work with elephants for the day take a look the goal of the day was to go beyond the simple selfie, and learn about the process of actually caring for these incredible animals here in Thailand we were each introduced to our own elephant to work with for the day, and like any new friends we bonded over local food wound Jin was a 21 year old male rescued from a circus who enjoyed a good back massage, and long walks in the forest throughout our time together.

Thailand – Baby Elephants Patara Elephant Farm Photo Gallery

I learned about how to identify an unhealthy elephant as well as the specific practices of rescue recovery reproduction, and reintroduction, and after a long day in the hot Sun we made our way down to the watering hole for a cool bath yet get in there once our work was done in wound Jin retired up to the mountains for the evening we were allowed to join in on a little playtime oh it was the perfect end to a great day these beautiful creatures before you go I just want to say please please please do your research before you go visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand or any animal sanctuary for that matter elephant tourism in Thailand is becoming a very big problem, and a lot of these places aren’t treating the animals right, I’ll leave more information about it in the description of this post. So you can have a fun, and responsible trip like we did the Thailand otherwise if you like this post please give it a thumbs up, and make sure you hit the comment button for new Thailand posts coming up next.

Thailand – Muay Thai Training with Thai Legend

Part two of our tie fitness challenge is based here at the Omni village in southern Thailand this place is incredible it’s got water slides infinity pools, and direct access to the beach today’s challenge was to get a little taste of local culture through muy Thai training take a look this wasn’t a regular gym we were stepping into however this was the training center of muy Thai legend Liu Qing hua Xiong to see a man who is 1 over 10 championship belts throughout his career now completed Heenan Donegan came the Nibin role of my lab oh forget us eh ha that Louis got Sam’s if little Malaga boy didn’t nobody. But before I could get into the ring with him I had to at least learn the basics first, and only after I had a crazy intense workout it was time to step into the ring to learn from the man himself above all else who taught me balance leverage, and the ability to react is key something he said that works in wartime as well as in life it was truly an honor to get my butt kicked by such a legend.

Thailand – Railay Beach Rock Climbing The Emerald Cave

You part three of our tyfa challenge was based here at the sprawling on antara sea cow, and also at the modern Casa de la Florida the challenge was to climb higher, and dive deeper in the southern islands of Thailand take a look this two-part challenge started the famous Raliegh beach where we explore the beautiful island cliffs by climbing up okay it was the perfect place for me to try outdoor rock climbing for the first time, and abused from the top were definitely worth the struggle reading up good, and after working up glad it was time to cool off, and the turquoise waters below the coral was absolutely stunning in the tropical fish were everywhere with a highlight of this mission laid just beyond an 80 meter swim through a dark tunnel sealed off from the outside world by massive rock walls was the magical hidden Lagoon known as the Emerald cave we had the entire place to ourselves to swim, and explore this incredible treasure, and that alone made today success.

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