TekirdaÄŸ City Of Turkey

Tekirda„¸ City Of Turkey for 5 Saint-Simon’s and Mill’s vision is shared by certain social scientists today who believe that we are in the political sciences where the natural sciences were two hundred years ago. The task at hand is to apply scientific methods to the management of society as we have been learntheory and vision 9 ing to apply them in the natural world.6 Most social scientists admit that they will never attain the explanatory or predictive power currently enjoyed by natural scientists. Nonetheless, many social scientists mimic the methods of natural science as closely as possible in an effort to achieve greater explanatory and predictive power. Do we have any reason to believe that social science will ever produce laws that have the predictive and explanatory power of, say, the laws of physics or chemistry? Attempts have certainly been made. While these attempts have all fallen short of the mark, their achievements have not been negligible. The political sociologist Robert Michels (1876 1936), for instance, developed the famous iron law of oligarchy after studying political parties in Europe at the turn of the century. Tekirda„¸ City Of Turkey 2016.

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