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ELEUSIUS of Cyzicus d. ca. 384. Ordained bishop of Cyzicus Hellespont ca. 358 by Macedonius of Constantinople, he actively collaborated with Basil of Ancyra in the activity of the homoiousians in 358 359 and played an important part in the Council of Seleucia 359. For this he was deposed at the Council of Constantinople of 360, which sanctioned the defeat of the homoiousians. Tehran Metro Map Restored to his see on Constantius’s death 362, he was removed from it by Julian, who aimed to punish several bishops who had harmed pagan worship and temples. Also harassed by Valens, after 362 he resumed his part in the trinitarian controversy, still aligned with the homoiousians. When the controversy over the Holy Spirit broke out, he became one of the leaders of the Macedonians, i.e., the homoiousian wing that refused to acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s divinity. Tehran Metro Map In ca. 376 he presided over a Macedonian council at Cyzicus which ignored the Nicene homoousion, again confirmed the validity of the homoiousion, and defined the Holy Spirit as a creature. Sent to the Council of Constantinople of 381 together with other Macedonians, he refused to subscribe the Nicene Creed of 325 beforehand and so left the proceedings. In 383, at Theodosius’s request, he presented that emperor with a formula of faith, whose terms we do not know. Tehran Metro Map Socrates, HE 2,39-40; 4,6; 5,8-10; Sozomen, HE 4,20,2-24; 5,15; DHGE 15, 144-145; Simonetti 588.

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