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The item for 29 June 258, regarding the celebrations for Peter in Catacumbas and for Paul in Ostiense Tusco et Basso consulibus 258, cannot concern their martyrdom, but refers to an event pertaining to their cult, on the occasion of Valerian's persecution. Tehran Map Tourist Attractions There are 16 Roman martyrs or groups of martyrs, to which others from Porto, Albano and Africa Cyprian, Perpetua and Felicity are added. For the martyrs of Diocletian's persecution, the consular year is cited 304. Finally there are two nonmartyrial feasts: Christmas, 25 December theological idea: Christ as the first martyr; his birth as the beginning of the dies natales of the martyrs; the chair of Peter, 22 February Cathedra.

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Tehran Map Tourist Attractions

This document was also used by the compiler of the Mart.hier.

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