Tbilisi Map

Tbilisi Map

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Tbilisi Map for As Matthew tells the story, he was, quite simply, outmaneuvered by God. A dream warned the Magi of Herod’s malicious scheming against the Messiah, prompting them to avoid Jerusalem and Herod on their way back home to Babylon. Thus deprived of the information necessary to mount a targeted strike at the Messiah Plan A, Herod sent in his troops to massacre the baby boys of Bethlehem Plan B. However, Joseph was warned in a dream about Herod’s assassination attempt and so led with Mary and Jesus to Egypt and remained there until Herod died. FIG An imagined portrait of Herod the Great. Image credit Wikimedia Commons. The hard-hearted king of Judea got his comeuppance. Tbilisi Map 2016.

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