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CANONES HIBERNENSES mid 7th c.. This name indicates a collection of six Irish texts of ecclesiastical and civil laws, four of which are attributed to synods. According to Bieler’s order they are: 1 De disputatione Hibernensis synodi 29 canons; 2 De arreis 12 canons in two recensions: a list of commutations of penances; 3 Synodus sapientium Sic de decimis disputant 8 canons on tithing; 4 Synodus Hibernensis 9 canons on penance or legal fines; 5 De iectione ecclesiae graduum ab hospitio 11 canons on fines for those who refuse hospitality or who kill an ecclesiastic; and 6 De canibus synodus sapientium 4 canons on restoration of damages caused by dogs. Tampa/St. Petersburg Map Tourist Attractions CPL 1884; Kenney 78; BCLL, 602-608. Editions: F.W.H. Wasserschleben, Die irische Kanonensammlung, Giessen 1874, rev. ed. Leipzig 1885, 136-144; PL 96, 1326; P. Ciprotti, Penitenziali anteriori al sec. VII, Milan 1966, 3-8; L. Bieler, The Irish Penitentials, Dublin 1963, 160-175. Translations: J.T. McNeill – H.M. Gamer, Medieval Handbooks of Penance: A Translation of the Principal Libri Poenitentiales and Selections from Related Documents, New York 1938 2 1965; 3 1979, 118-130. Studies: L. Bieler, The Irish Penitentials, Dublin 1963, 20-26 and 277-283; E. Coccia, La cultura irlandese precarolina miracolo o mito?: SM 17 1943 351-352; M.P. Sheehy, The Collectio Canonum Hibernensis: A Celtic Phenomenon, in Die Iren und Europa im fr¼he Mittelalter, ed. H. Loew, Stuttgart 1982, 525-535; G. MacNiocaill, Christian Influences in Early Irish Law: ibid., 151- 156; D. “ Corrin – L. Breatnach – A. Breen, The Laws of the Irish: Peritia 3 1984 382-438; C. Vogel, Il peccatore e la penitenza nel Medioevo, enlarged ed., ed. C. Achille Cesarini, Leumann 2 1988, 70 f., 82; T. O’Laughlin, Celtic Theology: Humanity, World and God in Early Irish Writings, London – New York 2000, ch. 6.

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