Taiwans Best Kept Secret

Hey guys today I am going to be exploring a super tiny little town in Taiwan cloud Luka and, I’m so excited to be here. Because it’s not a touristy destination at all people don’t really come here I have seen absolute zero foreigners here besides myself, and it is just one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen now lukang is super small there’s less than 30 thousand people that actually live here. But further back in history Luca was actually the second biggest city in Taiwan as a result of that there is a ton of history, and historic districts, and old temples packed into kind of this tiny little area what in the world this must be one of the most incredible places I have I tried to ask a girl what was going on. But she I don’t think she spoke enough English to really give me the story. But it was so cool right now I am standing in a very very narrow alley these are all over town there’s all different ones everywhere, and they’re a way of kind of connecting the winding streets to each other I really like them whenever I see one I go everywhere narrow little streets like this I’ve said. So many other times it posts about how I love mazes, and wandering around places like that.

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So I won’t say it again this little land that I found now is so beautiful it is actually historic, and it’s one of the first places that has signs in English telling you what it is so there’s actually a gun tower over there, and then up here people would be stationed just reading, and defending the town I found this place without planning to I just kind of wandered down another of these little lanes. Because I love them love this town this is my favorite shop in town it’s the most beautiful. But also. Because they have cats inside. So you guys saw how crazy busy the street was just maybe an hour ago, and now it is starting to really quiet down people are already taking their things, and putting them inside closing their shop, and it’s only six o’clock at night.

So I don’t think this is really a late-night town hi I really just met you already really thank you hi guys look it is Jenny you recognize her, I’ll give you a hint later yeah, and what’s your name miles – Jordan what are you about to try you don’t know sigelei macho what is it we just walked for how long like miles just told me like, I’ll be careful walking on the streets at night, and I was like twice, and Taiwan super safe I thought, and what was is there’s a lot of older woman, and all people at terminus do adventurous they might hit you that’s the danger in Taiwan that’s great really no it was kind of the same in Miami there’s a lot of old ladies driving with a hat you gotta watch out okay the Jenny, and her friend did go back home now there just wasn’t actually much to do at night we found one bar in the entire town, and we went up to the door, and it just didn’t really look like much was going on in there, and one guy was actually asleep. So we caught up maybe we don’t want to go to this bar wasn’t exactly what we were picturing, and now it’s about eight o’clock, and these are the streets there’s nobody here. But there’s so many cats all meowing all around I don’t know really what’s happening. But yeah there’s not really much going on. So it is a small town in that regard I guess that it’s eight o’clock, and everything shut down all the shops are closed. So I guess, I’m just going to do a little bit of work, and wake up in the morning, and go to a ton of temples tomorrow Hey guys an unexpected turn of events today I don’t know what happened maybe, I’m allergic to something. But look oh my gosh I look like an actual duck maybe, I’m allergic to something I can’t even talk why am I even posting this I look.

So terrible guys maybe, I’m allergic to something. But I can’t. But I can’t think of what it would be I don’t know no idea that’s so weird, and annoying. Because, I’m supposed to be going out right now exploring temples not looking like a duck okay. So for my lip I put ice on it for an hour which didn’t help, and I went to a pharmacy, and got some sort of medicine I don’t even know what I don’t know if it was medicine or time. But eventually it went away I still have no idea of what caused it at all, I’m just glad that it’s gone now, and I don’t look like some lip job gone wrong. So back to exploring after this strange let’s go Hey guys I have come back to Mazda temple I was here yesterday, and there was a ton going on there was firecrackers there was a party it was awesome.

But I really wanted to come back when there were not. So many people. So, I’m back now at 7:00 in the morning, and yeah there’s pretty much nobody here I asked my Taiwanese friend what was going on here at the temple, and he said that not only were they trying to the goddess Mizzou making offerings. But also actually the gods are thought to be friends with each other. So they were bringing another God from another temple to visit Mizzou. Because they think that all the gods are friends, and that they should be able to visit their friends. So it was basically like a social call of the gods which I thought that was just.

So cool, and I didn’t know that that was something that was done the goddess Mizzou that this temple is dedicated to is a sea goddess there’s actually been some instances with the sea or people going out at high tide or even a bus running off a cliff into the sea, and the people’s lives has miraculously been saved all in this area, and that is all attributed to the goddess Moslems another interesting fact is that if you know about white dolphins they are the rarest species of dolphins I believe there are only about a hundred left in the world. But they are often seen on the coastline around this area, and it is believed also that it’s. Because they are friends of the goddess Mizzou, and they are coming to visit her places like this I love. Because you get such a sense of the you know the beauty of the culture, and the religion, and history all at once now I am headed to the other main temple of lukang there’s kind of two temples the leucon temple, and the Mazda temple, and they’re both on opposite sides of town, and then in between there’s probably a hundred very small temples. But those are the two main ones walking around the town in the morning is pretty cool everyone is awake there’s all of these bikes, and scooters going by people are setting up their shops pretty lively in the morning definitely more lively at 7:00 a.m. and is a seven-night it’s kind of strange.

Because as you saw last night that Street where was walking around is full of people so much going on. But then by 6 o’clock it’s really died down, and everyone is just closing their shop, and by 8 o’clock at night it is an absolute ghost town there’s always. So many of these places where you can win toys I’ve never seen anybody win anything. But they’re actually always really crowded at night oh he walked all the way through the temple to the bath there is just beautiful garden with a waterfall the fish thinks that me standing here means they’re going to be dead sorry well I just left my hostel got my stuff, and if you remember at the beginning of this post how I told you that historically a zoo come was the second biggest city in Taiwan now I am headed to what used to be in history remember one biggest city a place called Tainan, and I will see you there thanks for reading bye is so cute.

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