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Taipei Map on The development of Japanese capitalism was interrupted by a resurgence of narrow nationalism in the 1930s. Although some of the contributing factors came from global economic problems stemming from the Great DEPRESSION and isolationist trends in other countries, Japan’s own history was probably more important. Ever since the Meiji government adopted the policy of modernization and Westernization, the country had a legacy of considering economic prosperity not as an end in itself, but rather as a means to an end, which was the creation of a strong state and armed forces. As economic problems mounted, the civilian government gradually became politically paralyzed, and the real power slipped away from it and into the hands of the military. Civil liberties were curtailed, and in the run-up to war economic liberties were curtailed as well. Private businesses were forced to merge and were brought under government control. A group of old business leaders from the Meiji era left in disgust. Taipei Map 2016.

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