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Taichung Subway Map on His obsession with debt, both personal and national, seems reminiscent of today’s fiscal conservatives. Yet Jefferson, the LIBERTARIAN and equalitarian, defies categorization and maybe always will. Jefferson’s economic policy and thought centered on balancing economic inequalities in the complex linkages of agrarian, mercantilist, and capitalist economies that were all present in the early UNITED STATES. Agrarian economies were based on land, mercantile economies upon colonies, and capitalist economies upon surplus capital, and each represented different dynamics. Jefferson himself was an agrarian practitioner who had gone into debt in a mercantilist system, and experienced bankruptcy in the emerging capitalist United States in his later years. It is no wonder he sought balance of economic inequality based on his own and the nation’s early debt experiences. As president and private businessman in the early 19th century, Jefferson sought personal and national economic balance in the trichotomy of an agrarian, mercantilist, and capitalist U. Taichung Subway Map 2016.

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