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Table lamps for ‘ Th e master’s responses seem to encapsulate the typical Zen view that the answer to any and all situations, including a cosmic fi re and/or a frozen landscape? either possibility may seem plausible in the era of global warming? is to sustain rigorously the middle- way path, which explores and embraces all extreme perspectives while clinging to no par tic u lar viewpoint. Nishitani suggests that the defi ciency of technology points to a dimension beyond its as- yet underlying science. Th erefore, a question of authentic subjectivity infl uencing ethical choice can be positively aff ected only through the contemplative gaze that is free of partiality or bias in Zen koan practice. He furthermore stresses that the reconciliation of science and religion requires an existential transformation whose necessary ethical corollary is the bodhisattva’s selfless compassion based on the insight into the interdependence of self and world. However, Nishitani does not off er a specifi c illustration of a Zenoriented technology, nor does he propose a concrete ethics to guide actual decision makers in the type of personal transformation necessary to deal with specifi c ecological and social issues caused by technology. In the fi nal sequence of Kurasawa’s highly allegorical fi lm Dreams, aft er a nuclear disaster a young man stumbles on an idyllic waterwheel village in the forest, where all of the inhabitants’ activities are in harmony with the environment and they live life to a ripe old age. However, this utopian ideal is not a goal that will ever be achieved. Table lamps 2016.

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