T2T Cribs My Apartment in Medellin Colombia

We have all our meals are frijoles everything then we move right into the right into the living area now we’re in the kitchen, and this is where a lot of great things are made I have some really nice ingredients here ginger some bananas. So come on here, and this is where usually hot tea makes a big tree qualities or the rice bucket wait no Andres yeah please oh I see okay I like it whoof baby Romina come on this way yeah this is the washer Lord while, I’m reading it’s really great that’s what we do all our reading, and here is the fridge this is getting really good it’s not really listen the fridge this is where you punch it up obviously we came up with with we’re stepping it up in this house we have the huge fats huge bags I should say, I’ll milk two bags which is like we’re stepping up to the next level as you remember from the last time now we’re going to bigger this is our Easter basket where we always we shot go to the market I usually take this not being said yeah there’s one more room.

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But now they could see me in the other room. So this is this is the office area this is where the boys work, and there’s more that they’re trying to dip out of the post let’s go meet oh, and buddy, and then we got hit their room in here. So again alright the boys room no stuff the bunny on this wear a shower cap come on e of this okay. So come on this is the master suite. So this is the master suite this is where the office is this is where I do all my work also nice manual chair you know guys stay humble, and sure I keep all my I think trying to good this is my suite view of the hills. So that that’s that that’s outside you, and this this bit boy your adherence is where all the magic happens no both today’s so also things to know on this in this part of the room beside this awesome little chair right here is that I have like kind of a balance of power going on each side of my bed which really harnesses my Chi here in the middle on one side I got the big guy hey Zeus over there a nice wooden carved sculpture if you’re a fan, and then on this side you take a look you get that can you get this over here we have the the Nubian goddess of gold, and ceramics on the side which is kind of a counterbalance with with the big guy on that side. So this is where this is.

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