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Syria Contry for neqal distribtions of olitical resorces also yield varying caacities to create and shae identities ntil qite recently, this ineqality of olitical ower was instittionally entrenched In ancient times, olitical ower was mostly held by monarchs or aristocrats, who assed on the right of rle to their sons With the rise of democracy, the oortnity to comete for olitical office became available to more eole In trn, the right to vote gave citizens a voice, albeit an indirect one, in the way laws and olicies were crafted and hence in the way mores and identities came to be formed While the nited States is often celebrated as an exemlar of democratic olitics, Americans’ articiation in olitics always has been and still is severely limited Only abot 160,000 eole ot of the nearly 4 million inhabitants of the American colonies voted for the delegates who ratified the 1790 constittion Syria Contry 2016

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