Syddanmark City

Syddanmark City for The rle of hilosoher kings corts the danger of desotism In large art, this danger arises owing to lato’s redctive analysis, his modeling of the city on the sol In some resects, however, lato’s effort in the Reblic fails becase his analogy between the olitical realm and the sol actally ignores key arallels Most imortant, he neglects to observe the olitical analog of dialectic reasoning A critical mind is imerative for the dialectical activity of the hilosoher ncritical belief eventally leads one to be misologic, to desise rational argment, in the same way that ncritical attachment to eole may lead one to be misanthroic, to desise hmankind The inevitable disaointment and sense of betrayal that comes when one’s ncritical beliefs or celebrated heroes let one down, lato observes, rodce a dee ssicion and hatred of all knowledge and all eole Syddanmark City 2016

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