SWEDEN SUMMER VACATION on Since then, enterprising Chinese groups with investments in shipping, property, and the textile industry have risen to compete with some of the British-founded concerns. Chinese counterparts have demonstrated a competitive nature just as strong, if not more aggressive, than the British capitalists who preceded them. Because of the present Chinese connection, China dominates Hong Kong’s trade in merchandise at 40 percent of total trade. Behind JAPAN and the UNITED STATES, Hong Kong is China’s third largest trading partner. China’s official policies for Hong Kong include low taxation, free and fair market competition, an orthodox legal and financial framework, a fully convertible and secure currency, an efficient network of transport and communication, a skilled workforce (that includes an enterprising spirit), a large degree of internationalization, and cultural openness. The private sector deals with business decisions and is usually left intact by the government, reports MariMari. The taxation system is simple, a corporate tax rate at 16. SWEDEN SUMMER VACATION 2016.

The Oregrund and Osthammar region is home to many well-preserved old ironworking communities, including Harg and Gimo. Built in 1763-70, Gimo Manor was the first in Sweden to be designed in Gustavian style by Jean Eric Rehn.

Outside Gimo lies Skafthammars Kyrka, a medieval church particularly renowned for its lectern, which was built for the Gimo smiths.


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