Travelling by Train for Sweden

There is a well-developed train network covering parts of Sweden from the Oresund Bridge in the south to Riksgransen in the north. Stations and services are good by international standards. The trains are run by a number of competing companies. The state-run SJ operates most long-distance routes. Other major players include Connex and Tagcompaniet. which have parts of the lines ‘ in Norrland. At county level, train services are run by local train companies in partnership with bus services and in some cases ferry services.

Travel involving different companies and forms of transport is administered by Samtraflken. which is part-owned by each of the transport companies. SJ offers a booking service for Tagplus tickets for English-speaking travellers.

In recent years, airlines have experienced tough competition from the X2000 Express train which links the cities of Copenhagen/ Malmo, Gothenburg, Harnosand and Mora to Stockholm. The journey time is around 5 hours from Malmo and 3 hours from Gothenburg. The trains offer a business class service similar to that of airlines.

Intercity is the main longdistance alternative to the X2000, offering first- and second-class seats. The overnight sleeper trains are recommended for longer journeys such as Gothenburg-Ostersund and Connex routes in northern Norrland. The standard is high and you can often have your own compartment with shower, if you wish. Normal compartments contain three berths, but there are also six-berth compartments.

considerably depending on the type of train. Discounts are worth searching for.

Tickets can be bought via ATG’s outlets around the country and at larger stations. Buying tickets on the train attracts a fee of around 30 kr. Note that seat/berth reservations are necessary for the X2000 and night trains.

The Inlandsbanan line operates in summer, offering the opportunity to travel through the Swedish wilderness, forests and mountains.

It runs 1,300 km (800 miles) from Kristinehamn on Lake Vanern north to Gallivare in northern Lapland.

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