Travelling by Boat for Sweden

Sweden’s long coastline, vast lakes and extensive archipelagos make for busy boat services. In addition to the scheduled services, sightseeing trips and tours are offered in summer, occasionally on classic old steamers.

The Dalsland, Stromsholm and Kinda canals attract some charming boats, but the tourist trail to beat them all is the Gota canal (p 146- 7). Sweden’s blue ribbon takes you 611 km (380 miles) in a relaxed three days, negotiating 65 locks, the country’s three largest lakes and some of Sweden’s most attractive scenery.

Boat services to the Baltic Sea’s largest island, Gotland, are run by Destination Gotland, with its modem high-speed ferries, which take less than three hours on either of the Nynashamn-Visby or Oskarshamn-Visby routes. In peak summer season, there are up to eight departures a day. Although the ferries can take 500 cars per trip, it can be difficult to get a place for a car during public holidays and other holiday periods if you have not booked in advance.

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