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Suzhou Map for This predicament led to the creation of first modern corporation, in which the company’s life is independent of individual ownership and the investors have limited liability. VOC stocks were the first stocks sold in an open market and formed the genesis of the stock market in Amsterdam. The Dutch used their knowledge of inter-Asian trade, gathered from the headquarters in modern day Jakarta, to dominate the trade between Europe and Asia, which was almost absurdly profitable. For the next 50 years, the VOC returned an average of 27 percent per year return to its investors. They attempted to do something similar in the Americas and founded the West India Company in 1621. By 1674, the company was completely bankrupt and despite briefly holding a portion of BRAZIL, the company never succeeded in establishing a colonial empire. The Dutch retained a few islands in the Caribbean and plantations along the wild coast of Suriname. Suzhou Map 2016.

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