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CHARACTERISTICS : Development of natural resources, rather than tourism, is the chief concern of Dutch-owned Surinam, but the traveler with an eye for unusual places will find great delight in Paramaribo, the surprisingly cosmopolitan capital of this wild and primitive land.

Surinam is only faintly tourist conscious, but visitors are cordially welcomed, Government officials are cooperative, and friendly citizens provide a ready pipeline for information on such events as Javanese birthday parties, Hindu weddings and Creole processions, or winti dances, which may be of interest to the visitor.

POPULATION : The country has approximately 210,000 inhabitants, including 3,700 Amerindians, the race which predates the discovery of the country by Spaniards. There are also bush Negroes, Creoles, Indians, Indonesians, Chinese and 2,500 Europeans.

SIZE: 54,300 square miles, slightly larger than North Carolina.

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