Playa Hermosa Costa Rica Jessica’s making friends on the beach little baby hermit crab you put him back in his home come on let him be she loves the ocean wildlife we’ve always wanted to walk down to this point here this big rocks point. So we’re doing a little exploring early morning Hey golden our exploring on the beach Jessica is looking for shells, and rocks that she likes for her collection of trinkets back in New York look how sharp these rocks are there’s salt deposits it looks like sticking out of the rocks nothing in particular too interesting here.


But I’ve always wants to walk down to this point, and check out these rocks they make our way back to the Casa give some breakfast only two sets of footprints on the beach this morning belong to Jess, and I I love getting up early before everyone else this swell is starting to build today it’s picking up big time, I’m trying to teach Jessica about rip tides right now, and right out front of us there’s a really really bad Riptide okay I get a shot of that you see how the water is all brown, and kind of turbulent right there that’s a Riptide, and then over here where the pelicans are it’s nice, and blue. So if you ever see the turbulent water yeah look at those pelicans have you ever seen the turbulent water you swim parallel to shore not against it never swim against the Jessica never swim against it that’s a bad one that’s a really bad one that point right there that’s where we just walked down to. But in this pool set we just had a nice breakfast at the usual spot the view from the usual spot like everything else down here is just. So amazing. So far today it’s been a really really chill day we had some breakfast we walked on the beach, and then Jessica shooting two fashion posts for her blog. So we spent the majority of the morning posting those posts in the beach, and lots of really cool stuff I mean this whole place is just it’s so cinematic, and I mean I guess we could say that about you know New York. But this place is cinematic in that different kind of way.

But we were shooting the fashion posts, and now the sun’s getting pretty high up in the sky it’s about 10:30 in the morning I love how I say that it’s 10:30 in the morning in the Sun tie on the sky i just spent some time cleaning up the kitchen. Because we’ve been cooking most of our meals at the apartment you know see back here doing some dishes we have a full kitchen which is great. So we’ve been cooking almost all of our breakfast meals aside from when we get down there we get some coffee down at the little I wouldn’t call I was gonna take Deli I almost said we get coffee from the deli. But from the little bar on the beach we get our breakfast. But it’s cool. Because I said it before. But I love trips where we can feel like we’re living in the place rather than you know being a tourist, and visiting, and I mean especially a place like this here let me open the window up this is the view at the kitchen window you have next door that’s another surfing hostel, and then over here some palm trees, and plants, and then over there is the ocean just such a chill place, I’m gonna walk back into the bedroom.

So Jessica’s up to she’s going through the posts right now how’s the footage how’s the rest look good are you happy with it a little teaser of Jessica’s fashion post that she’s making Erik trying to climb a coconut like a little monkey I mean it’s responder another’s good good okay, I’m getting up there no not that at all yeah keep going give me a coconut was ever since yesterday at that beach the guide taught me. But I don’t think we’ve ever posted down here it is high noon right now it’s almost 1 p.m. now, and it’s the middle of CF hour yeah like that stand right there how much you can see that. But burn on that dance like no joke you get first-degree burn how hot would you say that sand is right now 150 it’s pretty hot I mean it’s a black sand beach the best way to cool off during the siesta hours. So under a nice fake waterfall Erik in the waterfall washing up no ruining the curls yeah it’s such a nice girl, I’m gonna head out for a sunset sir you know what though this is the biggest moment, and since I’ve been here really oh my god people over there look at the surf photographer guy look at how big apparently every Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

they have a surf contest right down there a few houses, and look how big that guy’s lenses look at all the people on the beach reading the surf contest all right Jessica’s gonna go out, and surf instead of me she’s gonna go out there at the camera around her neck it’s not that it’s big it’s just it’s dumping there’s no real shoulder to ride the wave just is learning her surfing lingo too dumping left right like that’s a dumping wave that’s just that’s bad news, I’m just gonna get one wave just one no GoPro just gonna go out there get my big wave you’re still gonna go out before I jump out in the water we’re gonna post Jessica’s last bikini look for the day for her lookbook she’s just doing some poses with the surfboard pretending like she knows what she’s doing this is how the magic happens right here bikini modeling 101 with Jessica Clemens Golden Hour he goes into the water puzzling out all right, and going back up it was Barry now well it gets a little certain for the sunset right the one voice one two, and we’re gonna go get fish tacos and, I’m little pup TF fish tacos is a fish down here it’s just unreal. But unlike anything well would you look who it is you see I got two. But they would close out I thought it the last one that you got I took off, and then like you can’t go down the line. So you just have to go forward, and bail out your turn now here okay we took a quick trip in the hakko we haven’t had dinner in jaco yet since we’ve been here, and there’s this fish taco bar that we went to four years ago my last time in Costa Rica, and we’re going there now the best fish tacos I’ve had it’s called just taco bar this is the spot they have all these swings at the bar I check this out swings at the bar missing a future this is a power drink it’s some kind of a banana smoothie with peanut butter don’t try it good get out of here give me this two minutes later she brings this out that’s the mahi that’s the smoked mahi, and then grilled salmon will not girls salmon smoked salmon the mahi-mahi, and the shrimp, and then Jessica got the shrimp what’s that guy this chicken – oh yeah our toppings on. So basically you get your tacos, and you come over here, and you put your toppings on the good thing about this is it’s so much food they look how much food is on my plate right now so much food we’re leaving with leftovers I had my four tacos well three tacos, and then two addresses tacos, and then the whole protein shake back to the surfin you want to take a dip in the pool real quick before bed yeah we haven’t gone in the pool in that night at least we go on normally after you jump in the ocean I haven’t even fill in the pool yet yeah check this out this is the pool it’s in between the two buildings kinda want to jump off the stairs. Because if you look this is the first floor second floor we’re way up there on the very top you could probably jump off there into the pool I tell you though these days in Costa Rica these days we’re on yoga we’re up at 5:15 5:30 every morning doing stuff all day on the Sun, and go in the bennet like a p.m.

8:30 which is early for us normally we’re in bed by 11 in New York 11:00 or. So how’s the water it’s cold it’s a cool view we’re pretty high up there she goes dive look at that nice late night swim you’re gonna swim across yeah, I’m gonna take off my shorts though, and jump in what. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion if you guys like the Costa Rica posts give this post a thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for our last full day in Costa Rica I hate to say that damn I tend to I’ve been very very yeah yeah I’ve been very safe with the Sun. But I want to get a little a little fan No.

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