Hey guys we woke up really early today. Because we’re here to watch the sunrise of Angkor Wat, I’m so excited we’re just waiting for the Sun to stop popping up trying to find a little spot – what – that. So I didn’t come onto the right side. Because there was so many people in the last alright it was quite a wet morning. So we didn’t get the epic sunrise we’re hoping for. But still, I’m very happy to see that well worth it I know a lot of people come here to see Angkor Wat it almost seems like one of those bucket list things that everyone does, and you can see why it’s it’s beautiful this is what the temple looks like from the other side all righty we’ve watched the Sun Rise taking a million photos, and now we’re climbing the steps to go inside of ankle Wow look at what they’re carved on to the side or inside the temple that’s really awesome reminds me of the pyramids with like the hieroglyphics Judis resonance with less a box back that. But trying to work out how to get up that bad boy honor its clothes on holy day just as a possibility it’s impossible Oh about to head down to go have some breakfast. But seriously if anyone told me that Angkor Wat would be empty I wouldn’t believe them sunrise yes it was busy. But now no one no Morris apparently I thought I thought on my sample size moves up everything I’ve taught my son full-body massage yeah I thought of thoughts on my time from Safia the nestling hmm ear, I’m glad we came that was so nice there was such a good way to start the morning if you guys were interested.


So there’s Angkor Wat, and everyone gets their photos from either the right or the left side on little ponds this morning everyone was just there we had a situation I ripped the hole in my pants welcome to this guy literally a giant hole hang on how did that feel yeah these are good Josie new fans oh I’ve already mentioned player, I’m sorry clear, I’ll find you serve us thank you this banana pancake is going to make everything better I didn’t show you guys this is the damage of those look at that why are we showing as clear watches these I know, I’m going to get us some new ones, I’m so sorry Cleo all right guys we have rocked up to our second temple of the day this one is called bribery, and it is over a thousand years old the thing is maybe like volcanic rock, and I I can’t believe things like this still can like withstand a thousand years is pretty awkward we’re going to go, and explore, and I’ve heard that there’s a good view at the top too I think we’ll try, and get all over the top hopefully there’s no Buddhist things on again at this one you know how the other one it was at 4:00 today oh yeah Friday we’ve made it to the top this is trying to contemplate on why she can’t make it down well I’ve already ripped my pants once to base, and I just don’t like you rip those pants as well, and or there may be a little hole already in these you can definitely see that this place is in more ruins however, I’ll give it to it it’s a thousand years old. So ready for lunch actually looks. So good I look at the rise the shape of this stuff they tell us yeah look by the way ordered a red ball this is the dodgy version a red ball for it I want to see if it’s fizzy supposedly this is illegal in every other country or something really yeah it’ll easy gonna get a hit, I’m ready for the tar is it like a Syrah taste it taste it alright we’ve come to our final destination of the day our final temple we’ve come to the tomb raider temple which is really interesting. Because actually in mind the movie a lot of people hate it. But anyway big tomb right man I actually died right now, I’m excited you know fun fact tomb raider was the first of a movie Stevens snuck in to remember you bought a ticket for something else no no it wasn’t it’s the first movie I went to see by myself. Because no one’s going see that see fun fun, and it was the first time he had a crush on someone Angelina Jolie if it doesn’t hey my turn around, and show you them what you’re walking in front of how beautiful is this it’s like a kilometre long war, and you come, and like check out all these different types of ruins the temple is 800 years old they said just over 800 very beautiful they are restoring it hence the crane. But guys this pretty much looks like we’re a Disney World like it looks like a fake Indiana during set looks.

So cool you can see why they were inspired to come here, I’ll feel like we’re writing them two rooms I feel like this is where that place like the golden thing that you need to like steal, and then everything starts falling on you okay I found something. So fascinating. So like I was just saying before this temple is over 800 years old, and we found a carving. So you’re like you stand a carving we got maybe an animal here. But look at this this is a Stegosaurus 800 years ago they carved it in here I mean how would they have known they must have found like bones one is a little spider there we just missed the storm guys the temples here in Cambodia are just incredible I am sorry thankful, and happy that we are able to see them. But tomorrow we’re waking up, and going ziplining which should be fun. So we better hit the sack we’ll see you tomorrow night guys.

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