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SummerVacation destinations for The most traditional one is Reilly’s Law (published in 1929), which stipulates that the portion of household purchasing power at location i, which is located between cities A and B, that will go to A is proportional to the number of residents at A and the distance between i and A. Sales areas crucially depend on the type of store. In the United States, where the number of specialty stores has declined, supermarkets generally draw their customers from a smaller area around their location than specialty stores or discounters do. In European cities, which typically have a comparatively larger number of specialty stores but fewer shopping centers or shopping malls, the latter often draw customers from a very wide area while specialty stores supply the neighborhood. A critical determinant of sales areas is also the purchase pattern of residents, particularly the number of shopping trips per week, which in turn depends on factors such as family size and location of residence (rural/suburban/ urban). Retail types. Retailers can be categorized by several criteria, depending on the purpose of classification. SummerVacation destinations 2016.

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