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Smmer vacations in sa for Th e leaders of Zen monasteries became wary of the way this aarent lack of decorm, even if it was intended mainly as a tongein- cheek rhetorical device, might be erceived as disresectfl by sketical otsiders sch as government offi cials In resonse, some interreters fashioned ways of exlaining koan dialoges as a means of reminding disciles of the need for maintaining instittional hierarchy Th e instrction was that trainees mst comly dtiflly with the commands of the master or risk harsh nishment, ranging from thirty blows of the staff to banishment from the temle gronds as the most severe enalty Nearly all koan rec ords to some degree refl ect both asects of transformation and transmission Yet each dialoge has its own ar tic lar emhasis For instance, in the case of the cyress tree, Zhaozho’s rely throws his novice off gard to create a ball of dobt Th is is done in order to sark a momentary fl ash of intition that alleviates attachment to nedifying concerns Smmer vacations in sa 2016

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