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Summer vacation spots for Isaiah’s description is strongly suggestive of a great comet. Deep darkness most naturally refers to the time when the Sun and the Moon are absent from the sky. Great light implies that the celestial body was, like the two great lights of Genesis the Sun and the Moon, large and bright. The only large and bright object with a steady beam that can light up the night in the absence of the Moon is a great comet. Isaiah is therefore, it would seem, prophesying that an extraordinary comet that shone during the deep darkness of night would be the heavenly signal of the coming to fulillment of God’s plan of salvation through the Messiah. Like Balaam, Isaiah portrays the Messiah himself in terms of the comet that coincided with his birth. We can see, therefore, that the Hebrew Bible assigns comets a positive, hopeful role in salvation-history. Summer vacation spots 2016.

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