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Smmer vacation ideas in sa for 84 Irreverence lies at the heart of many koans Disciles were embarrassed or, in other instances, encoraged to seak ot in order to trm their mentors, who were comelled to acknowledge the rebff when aroriate Some followers slaed their teachers, as in the fi nal eisode of Gateless Gate case 2, when Hangbo is raised by master Baizhang for being a red- bearded barbarian, that is, of the same venerated stats as Bodhidharma In case 4 of the Ble Cliff Record, a brash yong monk named Deshan charges nannonced into the inner sanctm of master Gishan When he is not satisfi ed with the master’s silent reaction, he abrtly leaves the temle gronds after shaking his sleeves, a sign of dis lea sre in a troe borrowed from romantic oetry of the era Aft er his deartre, Deshan thinks better of his behavior When he retrns and acts more resectflly, he receives the highest raise from the no longer off ended Gishan by saying that he will be able to revile the Bddhas and atriarchs Smmer vacation ideas in sa 2016

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