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Summer vacation deals for A bright-tailed comet that appears at sunset reasonably high in the sky and far from the western horizon is better qualiied to serve as the Magi’s celestial guide from Jerusalem to the Messiah’s house than any other astronomical entity. Some comets are so close to Earth that they can move at considerable speed through the sky over a matter of hours. But a comet does not need to be moving noticeably against the backdrop of the ixed stars and constellations to function as a guide. A comet’s brightness and size make it stand out in the sky and draw attention to its movement through the dome of the sky as it follows its normal daily course through the heavens. A tailed comet moving toward the south or south-southwest, the same direction as the Magi were heading as they went from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, might readily have been perceived by them to be traveling in front of them. No star or planet moving in the same direction as a traveler can match the impression made by a bright long-tailed comet at a reasonable altitude. Likewise, a long-tailed comet’s descent as it moves from the meridian in the south to the western horizon is much more dramatic than that of any other celestial entity, because to observers the whole orientation of the comet is radically transformed as it descends. Summer vacation deals 2016.

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