Suhut City Of Turkey

Sht City Of Trkey for Marx recognized, however, that if all thoghts are rodcts of material conditions, then even inverted, ideological thoghts mst have material origins He writes, The hantoms formed in the hman brain are also, necessarily, sblimates of their material life-rocess, which is emirically verifiable and bond to material remises Morality, religion, metahysics, all the rest of ideology and their corresonding forms of consciosness, ths no longer retain the semblance of indeendence4 Ideological thoght arises directly from material conditions when these conditions demand a more advanced form of social organization than the rling class will allow becase its interests are best served by the stats qo That is to say, ideology is a system of false beliefs sed to legitimate otmoded forms of social and economic relations Marx seclates that ideology wold no longer be needed once the economic mode of rodction became realigned with the crrent means of rodction The roletarian revoltion, which achieves this realignment, wold eliminate classes and class conflict and relace ideology with a tre consciosness of hmanity’s secies-being Sht City Of Trkey 2016

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