Hey everyone really excited today. Because we get to go on submarine get to explore some we walk can we walk can we walk, and we wore, and then we drink oh darling it’s been four days without a coffee we cracked, and we got one today Australian yes right American yeah the submarine was awesome we love to see Japanese sea planes we saw like shipwrecks we some turtles with some pizza fish really amazing just going under there, and submarine like we’ve never been in one of those before yeah we got like 107 feet down I think it’s the lowest point we went you know what that is in meters. Because you Americans are crazy. But it was far under there it was really amazing before we go home we’re going to go this time when teaching a bus to Whole Foods. Because I don’t wanna walk to another hour the bus the whole period.

SUBMARINE IN WAIKIKI Oahu – Hawaii USA Photo Gallery

So we be back Cruces Warner lunch yum-yum-yum got some tacos, and some cheese, and some Stevie maybe home now oh you you click the wrong one state you meant to click penthouse six you wish it was staying in town this lighting gives you ultimate offer I just cooked some pizza I just cook the beet sauce, and predict dessert we’re having some chaat chip cookies, I’m very happy that we have food right now what do you think of this Stephens see mom we are eating food don’t have to worry about us we’re gonna go, and eat some dinner, I’m gonna do some work, and go to bed tomorrow we’re going surfing not thanks for reading you.

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